Your Christmas wish wrist rounding up the best fitness trackers

Itching to get your hands on the latest and best fitness trackers around? Don’t want 2016 to end without owning one? We got you covered! In this article, we’re rounding up the best fitness trackers based on individual needs and lifestyle.

Fitness trackers have transcended from being cheap, plasticky step trackers for kids to awesome professional sports tool for athletes and enthusiasts. New gadgets from the likes of Fitbit, Garmin, and Misfit, etc. pack serious design, tracking, insights into your health and even useful applications.

When it comes to the right tracker for you will depend on your specific needs and how active your lifestyle is. Some just want reliable sleep counting and sleep tracking while others want GPS for advanced activities like running, automated workout monitoring, heart rate and VO2 data.

What’s great is that there’s a fitness tracker out there for everyone!

Fitbit Charge 2. Fitbit put the competition on fire with Charge 2. Aside from the standard steps and sleep tracking – built in functionalities of Fitbit’s superb app – the Charge 2 accurately tracks heart rate continuously, monitors resting heart rate and also rates VO2 Max, a scientific gauge of fitness. The new breathing system is created to ease stress and adds to an amazing line-up of wellness features.

However, it’s not without issues. There’s a bit of concerning teething issues with screen responsiveness, a somehow flaky heart rate tracking during intense workouts and reports of fiddly interface. It accurately tracks your run provided that you take your phone with you since it relies on third-party GPS functionality. If you’re using it for your general wellbeing and not on intense stuff, then it’s one of the strongest devices available.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+. This fitness tracker from Garmin is packed with style and tech for even the pickiest athlete or casual user. It features a mix or features and performance, such as steps, sleep, 24/7 hear rate monitoring and GPS tracking, making it an alternative choice for those thinking about a Fitbit.

While the clock’s chunk is acceptable to some, the screen isn’t as attractive as the Blaze. Still, this device offers around a week of battery life, fast and accurate delivery of notifications and the ability to go as deep as 50m, although there’s no swimming mode available.

Misfit Ray. Sleek and stylish, Misfit broke from the traditional design with its circular Shine tracker that offers something a little more discreet. It offers step and sleep tracking, all within its smartphone app. It also alerts users to messages and calls from a paired smartphone. There are good strap options from Misfit, and it can also be worn as a pendant. The no-frills design and sensible tracking plus good price mean you can’t go wrong choosing Ray.

Jawbone UP3. Jawboned listened to their fan’s request this time with UP3. It now offers automatic sleep tracking, an awesome feature since Jawbone is very in-depth when it comes to sleep tracking. By monitoring your bpm, body temperature, respiration rate, and galvanic skin response, it gives you an accurate reading of your REM, light, and deep sleep stats. Of course, it also tracks heart rate (resting and passive) and steps.

End Note

Of course, there are others out there worthy of this article, but the quick list above should cover most user’s preferences. What fitness tracker do you think best suits you? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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