Your choice of game server provider is vital for your clan-Here is how to make the right decision

Game clans are closely knit online communities that require high speed connectivity for their day to day activities.  These activities revolve around resource hogging games and therefore require the presence of efficient and adequately powered servers in the network.

The game servers are provided by top level hosting providers like Umbrella Cloud Hosting.   How can you ensure you are making the right decision with your game server provider?

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Consider the flexibility offered

The best game server providers understand that the needs of different clans vary. You should therefore avoid any game server provider that offers a blanket server option for all clans.   Your game server provider should be able to listen to your requirements and provide a bespoke solution.  Is your clan on a budget? The game provider should be able to offer slot server options (shared servers). Does your clan engage in high powered gaming? The provider should be able to offer dedicated server options.

Similarly, there should be room for scalability. You don’t want a scenario where you have to move your clan with every increase in demand for server resources.

Latency and Connectivity

Where is the server located? If your clan is international, you want a cloud server. If members of your clan are in the same area geographically, you want your game server to be as close as possible to the said area. This is because latency and connectivity improves when you are connecting to a server close to you as against one that is too far away.  It would be difficult to control this if you are looking at free servers but since you are paying for the game server, it should be top on your list.


A game server provider that charges prohibitive prices is not good for your clan. Run extensive comparisons to see what other providers are charging for a package similar to the exact plan you are looking for and find a middle ground.  Cost should never be the determinant factor in a decision such as this but it shouldn’t be ignore either.

Customer Service

You wouldn’t want a game server provider that is very difficult to reach when you have a challenge with your game server.  Take a look at reviews to see what other people think about the customer service with your target providers before making a decision. You should be able to contact your provider at any time over email, chat or phone.

With these tips, you can find a reliable game server provider that will help your clan achieve its set goals and objectives.


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