Ways Brands can benefit from Instagram Marketing

As marketing strategy moves more and more toward appealing to customers on social media, it is worth thinking about how your brand can benefit from some of the channels available to marketers—especially to Instagram, the popular photo-sharing site. If you are planning on expanding your marketing strategy, Instagram is a good place to start.

Is there a place for visual brand marketing?

Instagram is one of the largest social media marketing platforms offering marketing strategists the opportunity to advertise their brands/products using a rich visual medium. In fact, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it is hardly surprising that its user-base has grown to over 500 000 users in the four years since it was purchased by the social media giant.

Instagram offers marketing strategists the opportunity to post rich, visual photographs or videos with a simple description and as many hashtags as they feel are necessary. These hashtags allow users to find your business based on their interests and how relevant your brand is to their search. This is not only useful in bringing new customers to your page, but also the right ones—users who are more likely to engage with your posts and recognize your brand.

Another important element of Instagram marketing is the number of followers an account has. If your profile does not have any followers, who is going to purchase your product? And, most importantly, how do you ethically go about finding followers?

Is there a way to find followers?

Instagram functions on the fact that the more followers you have, the more likely you are going to be successful at promoting your brand or product. Growing followers is essential to the success of your business or product on Instagram and how likely you will have customers purchasing your product after seeing it on social media.

There are a lot of debates raging on whether it is advisable to purchase Instagram followers or not. It is important to know that there are ways to purchase bona fide followers with valid Instagram accounts. There are also many ways of engaging with people, encouraging them to like your brand one at a time through posting quality content and interacting with users through the app.

It goes without saying that purchasing followers will increase your numbers very quickly; however, the result will not necessarily be positive. If the number of your followers increases too quickly, it will appear as though your brand isn’t genuine, and you might acquire a negative reputation.  On the other hand, building your brand’s following one by one can be a tedious and slow process. This will have a negative impact on the return on your investment and can take much more than it is worth for you as a business owner.

What is the best way to market as a brand? 

In order to appeal to a wide enough demographic, you will have to consider purchasing a few followers and also trying to build a following the organic way. Buying followers can give you a quick boost and can help you to gain initial attentions, but it can also come across as disingenuous. You will want to take this into account when you look at building a brand on Insatgram.


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