Vinyl Decal: a Stylish Addition to Your iPhone

At this point in time, it’s safe to say that Apple is the reigning champion when it comes to smartphones. Sure, there are a lot of people who own Androids, but no single manufacturer can beat Apple’s sale of 700 million iPhones. Nearly everyone owns some generation of iPhone, and those that don’t wish they did. You may be texting with an iPhone 6s while your neighbor on the bus plays Candy Crush on their iPhone 4, but the fact remains: you share a device that looks almost identical to the millions of other iPhone owners. Once you’re aware of your lookalikes shadowing your every turn, the chances of you pulling off your distinctive style are nil.


Exchanging your 6s for a lesser known Android is certainly one way of reasserting your individuality, but that means giving up all of the cool features that made Apple such a smartphone juggernaut. Would you really want to give up the 3D Touch, 12MP photos, and 4K videos? Not likely. When giving up the 6s isn’t an option but you want to change up the look of your phone, you need to explore your options. With only a bit of searching, you can find a tailor-made accessory like a cool iPhone decal to match your style.

Decals are the perfect addition to your phone because of their unique construction. Unlike hard plastic coverings that encase the device in a way that hides Apple’s featured design, decals wrap around the phone, working with the iPhone’s minimalist profile. They’re made out of a thin yet durable 3M vinyl material, so they won’t add on the pounds. When you find a decal that’s been created specifically with your particular generation in mind, it’s a slim addition that accommodates every bezel and button. You never have to worry about adding unnecessary mass to your 6s because iPhone decals are cut to match within a micro-millimeter of Apple’s original blueprints.

A snug fit isn’t the only thing iPho3 6s decals afford you. Their most attractive feature is their looks. Their 3M vinyl is a highly versatile material that can take on an astonishing number of designs. You can choose from vibrant true colors to create a monochrome look in your favourite tint of blue, yellow, or magenta. You can find specialized textures like concrete, carbon fiber, and leather. What’s even better is that you can mix and match colors with your preferred texture to create the ultimate decal design.

Once you’ve affixed your personalized design onto your smartphone, you won’t have to worry about how you’re just another iPhone owner. You’ll have a totally unique phone that sets you apart from anyone else on the bus, on the street, or in your office. And as an added bonus, the 3M vinyl will create an impenetrable seal between the outside world and your phone, so you’re fully protected against grime, smudges, scrapes, and scratches as you carry around your 6s. So explore the look of your iPhone 6s decal and create a look that’s 1 in 700 million.


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