Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Must-have For Data Protection!

If you are tired of the constant surveillance of your Internet life, then we are ready to present for you the perfect solution to this problem – Utopia P2P ecosystem. Use it and forget about the risks associated with Internet security forever.

You no longer need to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands and being used against you. In addition, you can maximize the security of your financial, personal, and entertainment life on the Internet.

Utopia P2P ecosystem is a service, which is created based on the principle of closed system, that contains all tools for anonymous work.

Why do you need to choose Utopia instead of something else?

  • Prevention of surveillance on the Network.

With multi-level data encryption based on a high speed Elliptic Curve25519 that protects the data, as well as a 256-bit AES that securely stores it, Utopia prevents snooping, ensuring absolute data security and allows you to enjoy safe work.

  • Protection against theft.

Utopia is built on the principle of peer-to-peer architecture: the absence of a single server on which user’s information is stored. Each user is a peer, it means that he is a server and a client.

  • An anonymous address.

No one will be able to calculate your real location, name and history of your search. The ecosystem does not require entering personal data, when the user register on the site, the nickname is a personal key, which provides access to user data. 

Above all, here there is a wide range of available features to each user.

uMessenger –  encrypts every text and voice message of the user. For private correspondence, you can create a chat, access to which will have only users added to it. For bloggers, it is possible to create channels to keep in touch with subscribers and place them for easy search on uMap.

uMail is a convenient and secure file sharing tool that ensures the confidentiality of all sent and received user data. Now doing business becomes even easier and more convenient, and most importantly safer. The Hybrid Mode allows using all in one opened window, no need to switch to another one.

Idyll Browser – designed for anonymous surfing. Thanks to a tunnel data technology, all the necessary sites are already in the system. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to switch to incognito mode and agree to the use of cookies.

uWallet – is an electronic wallet that stores cryptocurrency system – cryptons. Using them a person can make any financial transactions, absolutely anonymously and safely, without entering credit card data. In addition, the Mining Bot allows gaining cryptons for every 15 minute session through Utopia.

In addition to everything, Utopia has a user-friendly interface that is suitable for fans of both white and dark shades. The ecosystem is available on all kinds of systems, such as Windows, IOS, Linux. In the near future, the developers will announce a version for mobile devices.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Undoubtful Conclusion!

Utopia P2P ecosystem is an indispensable tool that will provide each user with a high degree of protection and preservation of data on the world wide web!

Don’t let anyone follow you! Use the best assistant in matters of Internet security!


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