Using 4G for Home Internet – PROs and CONs

Remember when 3G connections were the new kid on the block? Well, now, 4G connections have made their entrance, and like it or not, people would not give up the 4G speed and efficiency for anything else. The mobile market will never be the same – and this is implied in both a positive and negative light. Internet access used to be a luxury, but the changing world has made it more of necessity, and if you are going to connect to the web, why not get the best and the fastest connection the market has to offer? This, for now, is 4G connectivity, but like most good things, 4G mobile networks have a downside. Discussed below are its pros and cons.


  • There is the most obvious advantage – speed. Your home internet will be transformed into a faster connection with increased bandwidth and a much higher data transfer rate. Whether you want to video chat with a family member abroad, listen to the new album from your favourite artist, or stream the latest season of ‘Big Bang Theory,’ you can count on the connection to be superior and uninterrupted.
  • We all love Wi-Fi. It is the entire reason some people go to that one specific coffee shop at the corner of the street, but that is also the disadvantage of Wi-Fi connections. You have to depend on hotspots to get any connection. 4G connections offer much more coverage. You can now get a coverage of more than 30 miles, including in places with overlapping networks. 4G connections will give you all-round connectivity, and this is a guarantee.
  • We have covered distance and speed, so let us talk security. Going back to Wi-Fi connections to establish a baseline, we find that one of the biggest disadvantages they hold is that of online security. With 4G connectivity comes top-notch security. There are absolute privacy and security on your devices, so if you keep sensitive information on your mobile phone, you can be sure that it will be completely safe.
  • Onto the most controversial topic of all – money. When it comes to affordability, you can be certain that paying for 4G internet will not cost you much. You, however, need to cut your coat according to your size. Don’t go for the highest priced scheme – internet service providers slash pricing schemes to fit different users, so choose the one you can afford. There are options available regarding the equipment you will need to connect the 4G network and such. It might not be the same price as your old much more affordable Wi-Fi network, but it has a lot more advantages.


  • 4G is close to perfect, but there are still those who cannot access this kind of connectivity in their homes. There are places that cannot even access 3G connectivity. The number of cities with 4G coverage continues to increase, but this connection will need more time before everyone can fully enjoy its benefits. This brings us to the people in the areas without 4G coverage. These users are forced to use Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity while still paying the same amount of money as the 4G plan users. This is both unfair and disgruntling.
  • So as to benefit from it, you first have to pay for it. The rates have reduced greatly since the connection first took the market by storm, but the fact remains that 4G connectivity is new and thus needs new equipment to function. Installing this equipment could be hectic and costly.
  • This connectivity is still growing roots. This means that it has not yet reached its full potential and is continuously being developed. Due to this, users should expect a few glitches, but as time goes by, the connections should be able to function perfectly.
  • 4G will drain out your battery much faster. This is because this connection is fairly new and functions on multiple transmitters and antennae. For faster internet connections, be prepared to sacrifice the long battery life on your mobile device. When online, users will now have to figure out ways to extend their battery power or charge their phones constantly.


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