Top Ten Joomla Extensions

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS in the world with more than 30 million sites, 200000 community users and large amounts of extensions.

In this wide variety of extensions, here are some top rated joomla extensions where you must have them compulsorily if you are using joomla for marketing online.

Many popular extensions in joomla are premium , but here all are available for free!!

Community Builder

Top Ten Joomla Extensions

This extension allows you to create your own social network site or a online community.  In others words this extension helps you to create communities the easiest way and it’s totally personalized!


  • Create personalized profiles for the members
  • Control of core fields
  • Moderating community with FE reporting
  • Built-in integration with uddeIM messaging

Read more about the extension –


Have a product or a service to offer?? Then this extension is the most useful and helpful one.  This extension provides you complete online shopping cart to your joomla website.


  • Order history of customers
  • Product or service ratings
  • Confirmation email
  • Downloadable products

An excellent and cool extension to sell your products or services in an easy and brilliant way!! J

Read more and download here –

Phoca Google Adsense Easy

Did you ever heard about Google adsense…….? I said did you ever hear anything about the two great words Google Adsense?? If you didn’t yet then you are not following the internet properly and are not modernized.

Google adsense is revenue/monetize program introduced by Google where many publishers and advertisers get paid every minute by following their terms and conditions!!

So how this extension helps you??

In joomla modules it is very difficult to place the ads where you want to, but by using this extension the problem gets a clear solution!

Read more about this extension here –


This is an awesome and wonderful extension which I had ever seen. This extension allows you to code anywhere such as to place php, html and css codes directly into your content, modules, categories and components. Even you could write in the Editor by just giving the sourcerer tags!!!

Note: There are no limitations with sourcerer tags!!!

Download link –


Jomcomment is a commercial extension which enables comments in articles and also prevents your site from SPAM comments, just like Akismet in wordpress.


  • Preventing against spam
  • Enables comments in articles

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JoomSEF is a search engine friendly extension which allows you to customize the URL strings and error pages. This is a free extension and can be used to gain the knowledge of SEO and prevent the wrong ways of SEO.


  • Customizable 404 pages
  • Meta Tags Management
  • Google analytics connector
  • Beginner and expert configuration mode

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To increase more communications and network around yourself and their self, you need a group where you should communicate with your friends or colleagues. And this extension is rated as number one in communications and its field!

Will benefit you for sure.

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Easy SQL

With this extension you don’t require a geek to manage all the sql data, but you just need a simple knowledge, where I believe that you have it for sure!

Just install this extension and you will be able to run SQL and manage your data.

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Simple Image Gallery

As the name itself clearly says that it’s an image gallery. Mainly it picks up the pictures in a folder and automatically creates a good looking lightbox gallery. So these extensions are very much useful for commercial purposes and for portfolio purposes.

Download here –

These are the 10 extensions, where every joomla website must have it for sure because without them you cannot run your site easily!!!


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