Top 5 Features of Sony Xperia Z

The makers say – Experience the best of Sony in a smartphone; Sony Xperia Z. But before we believe it, let us see some of its top features which make it distinct and provides an edge from its counterparts. Here are top 5 features listed, I am sure you can find many more.

1.5 GHz quad-core Processor

You get the lightning speed performance with 1.5 GHz quad-core processor of Xperia Z and that too without draining your battery. It allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously (has 2 GB RAM), quick loading and streaming without breaks. Sony Xperia is very good and fast for gaming. So if you are interested in Superfast performance, better battery life, improved multitasking with stutter-free web surfing, it is worth considering it. Also, downloading swiftkey 3 will increase your typing speed.

Sony Xperia Z

Full HD Display

Xperia Z provides the full razor sharp, 5.0 inch super bright HD reality display, like HDTV. It offers incredibly crisp pictures with no jagged edges with its resolution of 1920 X 1080. Display has very high- 443 pixel per inch density. It has a wide range of colour spectrum and shows you every detail in vivid colour. To be precise it has contrast enhancement, Colour management, Noise reduction, Sharpness filters and so on. If you looking for less reflective and more responsive intelligent screen then Xperia is for you.

13 Mega Pixel Camera

Xperia Z has High Dynamic Range (HDR) for photos and videos which help you to capture natural colours irrespective of the background light. Due to HDR, camera will capture the same image at different exposure levels and layer those to create single optimised picture. Now video recording is easy and superb even in high contrast situations (think about sun behind your subject).The 13 Mega Pixels, 4256×2832 pixels resolution Xperia Z camera is a good choice with features like sweep panorama, instant access to both camera and video mode and Superior auto which always clicks the right picture for you.

Omni Balance Design

Its Omni-Balance design balances technology vs. design which will make you forget about the hardware while enjoying the content of it. Minimal yet distinctive design gives Xperia Z an edge. Focus is on balance and symmetry in all directions. The Xperia Z has subtly rounded edges and smooth, reflective surfaces on all sides and an innovative skeleton frame. Surface is seamless and both the front and back are made of glass. It has enhanced reflection coating on the top, bottom and sides. Over all it has good sleek looks with impressive design.

Water and Dust resistant

Today pollution is taking its toll on everything. Similarly your expensive mobile phone can be one victim for it but Sony Xperia Z is dust resistant. It has been tested that even in highly dense dust chambers its functionality remains unaffected. Another feature where it is remarkable is its water resistance (up to 1 metre). It can withstand water jets and can keep going even after half an hour under water. You can use it in rain and click pictures. No issue while enjoying by pool side. Everyday cleaning is also not a big deal for Xperia Z. All thanks to its high IP55 & IP57 ratings.

Sony Xperia Z is no doubt laced with several remarkable features and I am sure you will find several features as per your choice and preferences. Also, there is an app AIVC that is also called as android siri and worked better than the Apple Siri app. All I can say about Xperia Z is – It is worth experiencing it!


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