Top 5 Best Gadgets Under 1000 Rs For Daily Use

There are thousands of gadgets in the market, the prices of devices are reaching sky limits nowadays. This makes confusion while deciding what gadgets to buy for those who are tight on budget. There are many types of gadgets for consumers,the gadgets which we listed below are worth spending money on it, These are just my suggestions to our readers, I’ve done enough research about these gadgets to know its pros and cons, I also considered the consumer reviews about these products while doing my research. So let’s jump into our Top 5 Best Gadgets Under 1000 Rs For Daily Use list.

Top 5 Best Gadgets Under 1000 Rs For Daily Use

1. Xiaomi Mi Band: Mi band is the best gadget to track the activity of the body. You can easily monitor your stress or sleep behavior with the help of MI Band. The band cost is Rs 999; it’s a great option to consider while buying any useful gadgets. The size of this band is so small and feels comfortable on the wrist, and the best thing about this small device, the battery life of this band will last long up to 30 Days. Damn!

2. PowerBank: Most of the mobile manufacturers are nowadays focusing on performance and processing parts to outperform their opponents, powerful processors will consume a lot of battery life to run smoothly, most of the times the battery ends up quickly, and the phone will go off. Having a power bank could be very helpful in such cases. I personally recommend buying MI power bank (10,400 Mah). You can find it on Xiaomi’s official site or online stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.

3. Skull Candy Earphones: Skull Candy is a well-known brand which manufacture earphones and headphones. Skull Candy earphones will usually have a loud and powerful base when to compared to other brand’s earphones which fall under Rs 1000 price segment. If you’re someone who loves listening music, then go and get a Skull Candy earphone, music or melodies must be honored with something new and cool.

4. Aux Splitter Cable: Probably this is the only gadget which costs less than Rs 200. But don’t consider the price here, Splitter Cable is very useful for youngsters. So what does this cable do? It will convert your Phone’s headphone jack into two 3.5mm ports in which you can plug in two earphones.

5. Selfie Sticks: The price of selfie sticks starts from Rs 250 and can shoot up to Rs 5000 according to the features you need. Taking group selfies using hands is almost impossible. With the help of selfie stick, you can easily take group selfies or include more people in the photo. I recommend this gadget mostly to the selfie lovers, it is light weight and simple.


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