Top 5 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones and Tablets

Android is an open source platform and now the most popular one as well. These two things make the Android very prone to viruses, especially malwares. If you’re also an owner of any Android running phone or tablet then you must install an antivirus app on your device.

Why I’m recommending you to install the antivirus app is that your device seriously needs protection and the core Android doesn’t provide that at the required level. So it’s better to install antivirus app.

Top 5 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones and Tablets

In order to help you out (because you’ll find lots of free best antivirus for Android phones and tablets on the GooglePlay store and that will make you confuse easily) I’m listing here the top 5 best free antivirus for Android phones and tablets down.


Best Free Antivirus for Android

This is a well known name in this industry and you can get its antivirus app compatible with your Android phone or tablet for free. Although there is a paid app available too but maximum of your security needs will be handled easily by this app. So, no need to upgrade for the pro version.

Its UI is amazing yet simple which Android users expect in an app. All the tools which are required to be there in an antivirus app are sitting there comfortably but watching for the infection to target your device. Don’t worry the tools are good enough to kill them all or at least don’t let them to enter in your Android phone or tablet.


This is the second best free antivirus for Android phones and tablets. It comes with all the antivirus features, tools and there is one additional handy feature listed too.

The additional feature let users find out their lost Android phone or tablet and search it on the Google maps. If you can’t get to your device then you can wipe out all the data remotely using this tool.


Avira is also there at the GooglePlay store and you can use it to protect your device from thefts and viruses. The Avira is available for free and it’s packed in with all the antivirus kind of features and tools.

Once the app is installed then you don’t need to worry about your security as this app will do that work for you and that too automatically. The UI is not up to the mark but still its features are handy.


Another well known name in the antivirus industry and the oldest one too. Its app is also available at the GooglePlay store which is compatible with Android phones and tablets.


The McAfee is also available on the GooglePlay store and its free version is like a premium version of the antivirus that will provide you a feel of completely protected. Go ahead, search it on GooglePlay and install it.


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