Top 3 Best iPhone Launchers For Android

The number of Android users is more when compared to iPhone users, most of the people choose Android over iphone just because Android is cheaper than iphone. The prices of Apple products are reaching sky nowadays, but still, some rich peeps or iphone lovers prefer buying iphone due to its flexibility and smoothness. Even I am impressed with iPhone’s smoothness and how luxurious it feels, but the case is different in Android, it may be the best operating system ever with unlimited possibilities but as of now Android is not as smooth as iphone. But thanks to apps which are capable of transforming an Android into iphone. Here comes the question, which app is best for changing android’s looks into an iphone. Well, there are many apps which claim to do a similar task but fails miserably. So we’ve decided to gather some apps and make a list of Top 3 Best Iphone Launchers For Android.

Top 3 Best iPhone Launchers For Android

1. Espire Launcher: Espire Launcher follows exact format of an Iphone, for example, Iphone doesn’t have any app drawers, it arranges all the apps neatly on the homepage itself. Espire Launcher also does the same to give the fell of an iphone to the user. The app provides extreme customizations for users. Download Espire Launcher from google play store and enjoy the looks and design of an Iphone on your Android.

2. One Launcher: One Launcher deserves the second spot on our list, it completely changes your Android into an Iphone. One launcher gives looks of IOS 8 to your Android device, the transitions and animations are mind blowing, sometimes you don’t even feel that you’re holding an Android device. Moreover, you can apply some tweaks to the animations and transitions if your Android device is having a robust and powerful GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) The only thing which is missing in this launcher is the notification area, anyone can spot the difference of an android’s notification and iPhone’s notification toggle. Other than that, One launcher is a perfect one to transform your android’s design to iphone.

3.Pro 8 Launcher: Pro 8 Launcher is especially known for not showing any ads and pop-ups while using it, The app doesn’t claim to convert your Android into an iphone completely, but the changes it made to an Android is simply remarkable. Pro 8 Launcher is not only phenomenal but also outperforms every lock screen app which is available in the Google play store. The icons of the app are full HD and are neatly placed on the home screen just like an iphone. Pro 8 Launcher is a must try for anyone who wants to make their Android look like an iphone.

Wrapping Up

There are some other apps also which does the same thing remarkably but not as good as these apps. I felt only these three apps are deserving to be on this list, Hope you liked the article.


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