Top 15 Web Design Trends Of 2012

Being web designer during designing websites, you must be aware of latest web design trends. The core part of web designing is to develop faster loading, user optimized website. Website with correct designs, modules and perfect user interface definitely bring more visitors to your websites and new clients too. but there are many hidden facts which you must know to get success in your virtual business. Well, almost many facts are the same as 2012 web design trends and are applies on 2013 web design trends too.

Web Design Trends of 2012

List of The Top Web Design Trends of 2012 :

Let’s look at some popular web design trends of 2012. This all are proven trends to make your web design experience better and definitely you will learn something new from that too.

1) Responsive Web Designs :

Nowadays, tablets PC and high screen resolution mobile devices are trending in market. Responsive design means, to develop responsive website layout for desktop, tablets and smart phone users. It is one of the most common factor you should consider, while creating websites.

2) Use of HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery :

Being web designer, you must try new protocols and programming languages to stay ahead in web development market. With use of HTML5 and CSS3 you can develop professional web designs with an amazing graphics and interface. Apart from that, bit of jQuery implementation makes it more elegant and professional looking website.

3) Use typography whenever possible:

Usually, typography enables you to create professional layout with easy to use read texts, headings and quotes. Using typography on headings, tags and quotes are most popular. Well, it also depends on your requirements that how and where you want to use it.

4) Use InfoGraphics :

Make Infographics on one of the popular trending topics of online or offline life. You can use some Infographic creator software’s or hire any graphic designers to accomplish this task. Copyright credits on each Infographics helps you to generate new permanent user base to your online business.

5) Mobile Touch friendly sites :

Mobile and smartphone user loves the sites are having mobile friendly touch elements like as links, menus, headings and other important links. If your most of the users are using smartphones then make your website touch friendly first.

6) Hyperlinks Wherever possible :

Give hyperlinks to posts,pages within your website. How it serve to your readers ? If you are writing any related keywords in your press releases or blog posts then don’t forget to link it to related pages into your website. It helps you to reduce bounce rate of your website and increase page views per user too. Usually, this method is useful in newly launched websites and blogs.

7) Use Of Proper Images :

What if you are not using images on your site ? Simple answer is you are ruining your visitors and clients. On the internet, almost 95% websites and pages are having atleast one relevant image on the page. Primarily, it helps your visitors to explain that exactly what they are reading about.

8) Avoid Popup windows :

In past few years, popup windows was most popular. But in the current internet trends it’s widely hated by the people. Instead of using Popup windows, try to use Modal Popup boxes using Jquery implementation. Modal Popup boxes are search friendly and are not annoying too.

9) Box Shadows, Rounded Corners :

Attractive websites always drive more visitors and clients love the websites that are loading faster and having attractive designs too. To make your web design more attractive you can use box shadows and rounded corners. However, there are many fixes are available for old browsers too. So, no need to worry about old web browser user base of your site.

10) Offer Freebies :

This is one of the most successful method to get more visitors to your website. Simply make some freebies like PSD, icons, Some tools or web templates and then offer it to your users for free. Don’t forget to include the words such as “ Freebies worth $400 ” etc. It will definitely help you to engage with your current and future visitors too.

11) Newsletter :

One of the trending web design trend is to enable newsletter of your business or website. Ask your users to subscribe it and send regular updates into their mailbox without spamming them. Usually, newsletter helps you to reach right audience within couple of minutes.

12) Provide Free Themes & Website Templates :

You can send own free themes or website templates to the users who subscribe to your newsletter. So, almost 80% of visitors who loves that theme or template will definitely subscribe to your newsletter to receive themes for free. Even to maintain your goodwill, try to provide freebies on regular basis to your newsletter subscribers. In result of it, your subscribers will never opt-out from your newsletter because they love free themes & templates.

13) Avoid too many ads :

Advertising helps you to earn sufficient money from your website, but did you know that many visitors protest against advertisements using ad blocking plug-ins ? So, try to put only two or three advertisement campaigns on your homepage. although, you can maintain your advertisement unit ratio for individual pages too.

14) Create Online Magazines :

Many websites has secured lots of users by following this method. To create online magazines you can hire some graphics designers or join some premium websites, who helps you to create your own online magazines using easy to use interface within a minutes. Apart from that, you can publish your online magazines to your daily visitors or clients. It depends on you that how you make most out of it.

15) Icons :

Icons are useful to represent navigational menus, buttons and some important factors of websites. Icons is most important factor to make Web2.0 more attractive in 2012. Many freelancers and websites had released thousands of icon packs in 2012. However, Icons was most popular topic in 2012 among the webmasters too. Well, you can make your own icons too. To accomplish that you can hire some graphic designer freelancer or purchase premium icons from reliable sources.

Conclusion :

Usually there was many popular trends in the internet and web development world of 2012. But here we have filtered one of the most popular web design trends of 2012, that are really popular and reliable. However, it will be helpful to web designers in the year of 2013 too.


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