The greatest and the most pleasure giving games for PS3

Game fanatics have a lot to enjoy with the new arrivals for PS 3. Here are the minutiae of these new games for your PS3 and what you would experience with them.

The Cave is an adventurous game and gives an adrenaline rush for sure. This game is a time traveler and I had a really good time with the humans of 2701 AD. In fact it is tough time if you get on with them, who interpreted the events of ancestors mistakenly. The dinosaur exhibit of this game takes you to the prehistoric times of dinosaurs. It is a narrow escape from the dinosaur because it could not come out from the cave.

The Cave

This is the best game you can have it newly for the PS3. You can trust me on this.

If you want to make your game fierce and vicious, then try the Dead Space 3.You are on the attack but not left alone. You can tramp the dead bodies of your enemies. You can also loot the treasures to boost your energy levels and get ready for the next attack. It is a great adventure and errand running is exciting. There are few shortcoming like the feel of a game I had played it somewhere, still I cannot stop going ahead with the game. What keeps me going on is the amusing atmosphere of the game. You can also enjoy exceptional and premium sound and music. The game goes on for almost 20 hours and the new game after that goes on for 10 hours. A very important thing about the game is it is not flawless and yet you can overlook the faults. Amazing combat experience is what I love in Dead Space 3.

If you are a big fan of Family Guy series Back to Multiverse,the all new version is also sure to attract you attention. Humor and the spirit of the game is sure recommended for imbibing pleasure. Out and out original and authentic story, you get more and more challenges, maps for multiplayers, and the co-op mode is there for costumes and characters, which are unlovable. There is a version for matured people with themes that involve drug, violence and sex.

When I wanted something for all the family members, the game LEGO the Lord of the Rings, happened to be the best choice. For anybody above 10 is the best choice. Again a following script of the original storyline of the Lord of the Rings, the game lets you make teams with the players. So, if you have kids and need to play game with them with all of them, then you can do as I did, buy the LEGO Lord of the Rings for PS3.

If you are an ardent fan of Harry Potter and J K Rowling just like me, then the Book of Spells will delight you with all the terms of J K Rowling. The restricted book by Miranda Goshwak, in the Hogwarts Library will help you get to know all about the spells and play with them and even practice them. There are rewards for you to earn.


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