The Best Puzzle Games For Android And iPhone

Choosing the right game to play can sometimes be a huge challenge. That’s because there are thousands of games you can download on your smartphone. But it really shouldn’t be that confusing if you have puzzle games at your fingertips. Puzzles are worth your time. They are not only fun and interesting to play, but can also tease your mind and help keep it in good shape. What’s more, there are plenty of variations of block puzzle games to choose from.

Best Puzzle Games

Whether you are using an Android or iPhone, there is the right puzzle game for you. Here are examples of the best puzzle games for both Android and iPhone.

  1. Sudoku

This puzzle game is one of the best and most popular puzzle games available. It is not only simple to learn and easy to play but can offer you an excellent gaming experience. This game requires you to think and pay attention to detail, thus helping you improve your thinking skills.

  1. Two Dots

This is one of the easiest-to-play puzzle games available. It is not only simple to learn but addictive too. It can make you glued to your phone for hours on end. The goal of this puzzle game is to connect as many dots of the same color as possible. You will have to connect the dots in a way that they meet each other and form a connection between them. When you open this app, you will be given details and rules of how to play this game by letting you connect the dots available on your device’s screen. Two Dots has over 900 levels to play. But for you to move to the next level, you must complete the previous levels. And to complete a level, you must achieve the target you are given.

  1. Monument Valley

Another fun and interesting puzzle that is both available for Android and iPhone is the Monument Valley. You cannot talk about the best puzzle games and fail to mention Monument Valley. This puzzle game is brilliantly developed with an amazing storyline. This is perhaps what has made Monument Valley win an award in the gaming industry.

As the player, you need to overcome all the challenges and obstacles to help the character in the game reach its destination. This is also one of the best puzzle games to grace the mobile platform.

  1. Lumino City

Lumino City is also another popular game available for both Android and iPhone. It is also eye-catching and easy to play. This is one of those puzzle games that can keep you glued on your phone for hours because it is very fun and addictive.

Its interesting storyline also makes it more popular. The storyline goes like this- Lumi, who is the main character, has his father kidnapped. So the player needs to help Lumi search for his grandfather. The city has practical puzzles that are all connected. While this game is quite long, it is fun, and you may not even realize how lengthy it is.


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