The Benefits of Converting PDF Files to PDF/A Using GogoPDF

Innovation is ever-changing. It is one of the fastest-growing industries; it can make a gadget, software, or even an operating system obsolete over a decade. These changes are quickly happening that storing valuable documents is a necessity. With this, a versatile file format is at its greatest advantage.

There are different formats on how you can save a specific document. However, pdf is the most versatile format in terms of its accessibility and security. It not just saves your file and makes it accessible for almost every device, but it also ensures that there won’t be any changes on the file very easily.

Features of Converting PDF to PDF/A With GogoPDF

GogoPDF can convert PDF to PDFA files. In converting your files with GogoPDF in PDFA format, they made it possible for the file to be accessible across different platforms, operating systems, and various web browsers. This effort by GogoPDF is one of the ways they can fulfill their goal to serve its users efficiently.

Once your file is converted to PDFA, it can be accessed to systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux OS. GogoPDF also made it possible to access your files via Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Benefits of Converting PDF Files to PDF/A Using GogoPDF

Time is always valuable to everyone; that is why GogoPDF made sure not to waste their users’ time and convert files very quickly. It will only take a few clicks and a few minutes for the whole process to complete. GogoPDF made converting files very easy and accessible.


The security of every file you upload will not be compromised once you use GogoPDF as your service provider. They made sure that this concern will not disappoint its users. GogoPDF made sure to comply with every data’s standard website privacy and security by deleting everything after an hour of uploading.

Aside from security and data privacy, GogoPDF also made sure that the service they provide is ISO-certified. It is patterned and standardized by ISO’s version of PDF files. GogoPDF removed various features that are not suitable for archiving files over some time.

The benefit of following the ISO standard is the security that every file you upload can be easily replicated by anyone regardless of the device or software they will use. The files that you stored will exactly look the same once you open it in the future.

Storage Space Efficiency

The convenience of using GogoPDF is its storage space efficiency on your device. You won’t need to download an extension on your web browser or even software for you to start converting files. With GogoPDF, everything is made possible with just the use of the internet.

Every file uploaded will not take any space on your computer or web browser cache and will not slow down your device. Every process is completed in the cloud and stored on it. The best thing about using GogoPDF is using any gadget, phone, tablet, desktop, or even a laptop.

What is a PDF/A Format?

PDFA is a file format standardized by ISO and makes sure that the data can be replicated or reproduced even over a long time. It will be embedded in the files while maintaining its integrity and security. It is highly beneficial for storing files on a long term basis.

In terms of its ability to retain text, graphics, vector images, and related file formats, many favor PDF/A for its market recognition and benefits above other encrypting formats. However, it is easy to get confused with different PDF / A criteria and conformity levels with its eight combinations.

PDF / A standards specify the list of uses and compression of images to help preserve the file content. These enforcement levels regulate usability criteria, which influence humans and computers’ capacity to comprehend the content.

Guide in Converting PDF to PDF/A Using GogoPDF

With the features and benefits mentioned above, there are just a few steps on how you can convert your PDF file to PDFA. First, you need to locate the specific pdf file you want to convert on your device or drag the file onto the website’s box.

After choosing the file, GogoPDF will start processing and converting the file to PDFA. You need to wait for a couple of minutes to completely turn over the file to you and completely convert it to PDFA.

Once it’s done, you can instantly download the converted file on your device. You can also simply copy the file’s link and conveniently send it as an attachment to the email address of your choice, or even upload it on your drive or any social media website.

14-Day Trial for GogoPDF’s Premium Account

The perks of having a premium or pro account are greatly beneficial for its loyal users. GogoPDF wants you to experience these perks for free on their 14-day trial. In this trial, you can access the unlimited conversion of files using GogoPDF; and this is ad-free. Your overall experience will not be distracting.

In the 14-day trial, you can process anything simultaneously and guarantee its users that every conversion will run very smoothly. Also, one of the benefits of experiencing the pro account is the priority in customer assistance. You will also be provided with storage that has no limit.

The greatest news is that GogoPDF will not force you to commit to upgrading to its pro account. After the 14-day trial, you have the liberty to end the pro account according to your preference. However, with all these great perks, you could never go wrong with GogoPDF’s pro account.

Along with its free 14-day trial, you get to upload unlimited numbers of files and enjoy every benefit of it without a long-term commitment. Everyone wants to try something for free first before availing; that is why GogoPDF makes sure that their users are always satisfied.


There are a lot of ways to save and archive your files. With GogoPDF, all the hassles and concerns are certainly solved. You won’t have to worry about the files you will upload and even the website’s integrity. GogoPDF is certainly secured with an SSL certificate so that no one will hack your files.


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