Superscreen Kickstarter Contributors Talk About What Happened?

Recently there is news announced by the developers of superscreen Kickstarter that the project is closed, not just that the whole campaign is shut down too. The developers also added that they are regretting to say it but the campaign is not able to go any further because of the lack of investments, they are not able to take this project to meet its end. And that’s why the operations regarding the products which include marketing, development and product sales are closed too. The developers eased everything and for permanently as well.

Well, what were the reasons and what exactly superscreen Kickstarter was?

The developers announced the project Superscreen which supposed to be a super-sized display with the content including the display of the tablets. The product was designed without any full powered tablets.  For making this product, the makers set their goal to collect $50,000 USD.  Well, in July 2018 the developers faced the product in a mix where the group including 179 people got the products for testing.     The experiment was to make sure and to test it for ‘beta test’. Not just that, the valuation submitted by the testers to the developers and according to that the valuation given by them would affect the end results of the product or to the users who can get the less expecting results.

What do the makers say?

The final statement or the closing stamen by the makers is released online. The makers talked about what happen and where things went wrong. Not just that they apologized for not meeting with the results at the end. The makers of the product said that the developers sacrificed their two years where they were completely devoted to their work, also added that they didn’t even get to meet their family nor they had any personal time over these years. For developing the master products, the developers spend months overseas, working in order to make this dream come true. Even for it, they took no salary or anything. The developers wanted to make sure that they can create this augmented phone device with all their efforts. Also, calling the whole project as their mission, and thanking all contributors who decide to help them with their trust and supported the project by the financial terms as well.  Unfortunately, the project fails; the developers deeply regret to not make this happen.

Along with that, the developers address the problems that they faced and what makes the project as a fail attempt. They said that the valuation they received from the beta testing group of backers was high as approximately 78% of product’s value is higher and it covers 99% price set for the campaign, well 24% report that the valuation of the product is three times more.  There are only 4 testers who submitted that the valuation of the product is zero dollars.

The developers also thanked the testers of the beta group for giving their time and valuable feedback on the product. But the main reason behind shutting down the product is the funds which are not enough for completing the development and products of the product. And because of that, the developers are not able to return the money to their contributors as well.

However, during the start, the developers believed that the product will be a hit and can actually turn beneficial for lots of people.  But now, they don’t have the vision or the commerce partner to make that thing happen.

In the end, the developers asked their supporters to direct their message to the which is going to be open for them but the time is limited too.  Other mail addresses and contacts are going to be disabled and the makers are not able to contact any person. Along with that, the employers of the project are also terminated which means the responses for the queries can take time.

What do the supporters say?

Well, the project was based on crowdfunding and lots of contributors helped in collecting the fund in order to get the product as well as making this dream come true. However, things turn out in another way and the project failed. However, the supporters of the project are supporting it from the start and there is no doubt that everyone was excited for the product too launched but due to the odds they didn’t get the results.

There are people who are supporting it now as well, and it’s a business where the chances of risks are always high which means there is no assurance that company is always going to meet with positive results. Not just the supporter understands the whole thing but they are fine with that too. Also, lots of supporters know that there are lots of similar projects started and due to some reason they failed, and it’s completely natural as well.

Developing something different and unique is always hard and there is a lot of things that the developers have to face. However, it’s not good to hold the belief that the project will be successful as there is no guarantee. There are lots of examples in the past history where the big companies also failed to deliver the products due to lack of funds or for any other reasons.  Also, the beta users who used the product for three months in order to testify have the positive feedback on the project and there is no doubt that the project can actually turn out as beneficial if the developers didn’t get the lack in funding.

Nor just that, the supports are also giving the extra points to the markers for not leaving their contributors in the dark as others did in the past. People are supportive and appreciating the transparency from the developers of the project as they come forward for explaining their side of stories too. According to the contributors, it’s not easy to share everything and to explain everything in order to make their supporters feel cheated.


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