Some Important Facts Of Google Everyone Should Know

It’s difficult to imagine the internet without Google. The popular search engine was launched in 1997 by Larry Page and SergyBrin in the duration of their Ph.D. studies at the Stanford University. Later in September 1998, Google was formally incorporated as a private company and today, it stands as one of the most prized brands across the world, valued at $400 billion.

Some Interesting Facts About Google


Ever since its launch, Google has continuously upgraded itself with progressive offers for all its users. The company has evolved further than being a mere search engine.

Today, as the most resourceful hub, Google makes navigation, mailing, watching and uploading videos, reading news, translating texts into several languages look as simple as just a click away. Nearly 3.5 billion searches are recorded every day, making it the most popular and user-friendly search engine in the world.

Decoding Interesting Facts About Google:

If you are a regular Google user, you might already be aware of most of its features. However, here are a few more interesting and significant facts about Google that can help you explore better. So, did you know that Google has a full form too?

Despite being familiar with Google, you might not have wondered what it stands for. So, just in case you didn’t know, Google refers to Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. If you already knew that one, let’s unveil some more then.

  1. Google Was Originally Named Backrub:
  2. The word Google derived its name from ‘Googel,’ the mathematical term for one with hundred zeros. The name primarily reflected the company’s mission to make optimum information accessible to the world via its platform.

  3. Simple Homepage:
  4. When the founders launched Google, they wanted to keep the Google homepage simple as they didn’t have much information of HTML. However, today, its homepage continues to be simple and easily operative.

  5. Google Accounts For 90% Of Worldwide Market Share:
  6. Studies conducted in January 2017 suggest that with respect to its search engine, Google has a high market share.

  7. Google Has The Largest Index Of Websites Worldwide:
  8. With an index of 3 billion websites, if printed this would equal to almost 130 miles of highly stacked paper. Google can help you search through all these websites in a fraction of a second. Deliberating the relevance of search engine optimization, Google ensures that your website is easily tracked among the large index of sites.

  9. Big Earnings And Wide Reach:
  10. Google earns around 9,30,900 rupees per second. They have over seventy offices across forty countries. In the last 12 years, Google bought 4.827 companies. With more than 50,000 employees working in Google, many of them have become billionaires and almost 14% of their employees have not been to college.

  11. Yahoo Refused To Buy Google In Early Days:
  12. In 1997, when Google wanted to sell their search engine to Yahoo for $2 million, they turned down the offer. Later in 2002, Yahoo offered $3 million to acquire Google, when Google denied it. Today, Google holds greater market value than that of Yahoo.

  13. The Search Technology Of Google Is Called PageRank:
  14. Every website is assigned a rank, which determines its value of relevance and significance. PageRank determines the importance of any website. It was named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page. SEO ensures that your website is considered as imperative by Google so that people can locate you.

    If your website is similarly valued by Google, it can derive higher rankings as compared to others in the same category. This is vital to determining your success by ascertaining the higher number of results for your website.

  15. Google’s Global Demand:
  16. On August 16, 2013, the server was not reachable for five minutes, and this incidence registered the global Internet usage to have decreased by 40%. This exhibits our dependence on Google today.

  17. Google’s Search Engine Is 100 Million Gigabytes:
  18. This means that you would require a million terabyte drives to save as much data. That’s massive!

  19. The Google Homepage Is Available In Around 80 Languages:
  20. With Google being used around the globe, its search engine is offered in several languages where it makes translation up to 80 languages possible.

    The latest nine languages added to the list include Igbo, Hausa, Somali, Zulu, Mongolian, Nepali, Punjabi, and Maori, thus exhibiting its reach, popularity, and demand.

    To ensure its inclusive acceptability, Google’s application is offered in seven most used Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi as well as in English.

  21. The Launch Of Google Earth And Map:
  22. In 2005, Google launched its new applications such as the Google Map and Google Earth which allow measuring the whole world within seconds. Its range has reached the Moon today.

  23. Google Advertising Contributed To 89% Of Google’s Revenue In 2014:
  24. Currently, Google earns most out of its Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Companies can pay to feature at the top of search results in the advertising section. This is beneficial for SEO purposes as it can generate you better visibility in organic Google results along with users preferring to visit websites at the top of the results.

  25. Android Is Google’s Creation:
  26. Did you know that Android operating system, which lends your smartphone its life, was innovated by Google?

    As data suggests, four out of every five smartphones run on Android OS and they are named in the alphabetic order as Alpha, Beta, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat.

    With free APKs downloads, you can install useful apps like Google Maps, Play services, Twitter, and much more on your Android device.

  27. Smartphone’s Contribution:
  28. Believe it or not, with the extensive use of smartphones, 33% of all searches on Google are accounted by them. This signifies the growing importance of websites being well represented by smartphones as well.

    On April 21, this year, Google officially introduced their new algorithm to measure mobile usability. This means that you can secure higher in Google rankings if you think about the smartphone’s usability.

  29. Google Tez:
  30. It allows you to make payments and receive directly from your own bank account unlike the other existing digital wallets and payment apps such as PayTM. The application links the user’s bank accounts using the Indian government developed Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

    Many mobile manufacturers like Lava, Micromax, Nokia, and Panasonic may have the Google Tez app as a pre-loaded feature on their mobile devices. Though Tez is introduced in India, Google envisions expanding this into other Asian countries namely PhilippinesandIndonesia.

  31. YouTube Belongs To Google:
  32. In 2006, Google bought YouTube and today, and it has a worldwide viewership of 6 billion hours each month.

  33. Street View Maps:
  34. Google captured images equivalent to 80 million and 46 thousand km of road distance for photographs on Street View Maps.

  35. Google’s Unofficial Slogan:
  36. This one is interesting as Google’s unofficial slogan reads: “Do not be evil”.

  37. Google’s Follower Base On Twitter:
  38. Google has around 12.2 million followers on Twitter today. This means that following them could help you stay up to date of all developments in the search engine.

  39. About Google’s New Searches:
  40. Around 16% to 20% of all searches account for those that have never been looked-up before on Google. Google gets millions of new searches every day, keeping the SEO systems on their feet so that they are well informed of these new developments.

  41. Google’s Societal Engagement:
  42. In their societal engagement, as part of their green initiative, Google regularly rents cattle like goats to mow their mountain lawns viewed around Headquarters.

    Google's Societal Engagement


So, what are you waiting for, just Google up!


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