SmartSpends App Review

Do you want to track your monthly expenses and income wisely?

Are you fed up of calculating your expenses on a piece of paper every time you make a pay?

Don’t worry as Times Internet has come up with a unique solution for your problem, i.e. an app “SmartSpends”.


This is an Android based app which helps you to track your bills and expenses with a simple tap on the app. No complex excel sheets or calculators are required to use this app.

It is a free application which you can download from android Playstore.

This app has a set of algorithms which are fed into the text box of your phone. These algorithms track your expenses and wisely organise into respective sections of Grocery, Restaurant, Movies, etc.

Now let me explain this app in-depth detail.

This app has 5 sections which have different logos and colours to represent them, and they are:


Bill calendar

Card suggest


Fun facts

  1. Spends:

This section keeps an eye on the day to day expenses and compiles the data of your expenses till date. You have pre-defined tags in this section like fuel, grocery, etc., which come under daily tab and monthly tab as you have bills to be paid, rent, etc.,

By organising your data into these respective tags, you can budget your daily and monthly expenses.

  1. Bill calendar:


As mentioned above the set of algorithms related to this section are fed into the message box of your phone. They automatically detect the bills to be paid from your message box.

It gives you a reminder 4 days before the due date of the bills. In this way, you can clear your bills on time without any penalty.

  1. Card Suggest:


This section gives the best suggestion on which card to be used to save the money. For example, if you have saved your credit card and debit card details in this app. In this week if you get any offer/discount on your credit card the app suggests you “use your credit card instead of a debit card”.

With this smart advising option of this app, you can save a good amount of money.

  1. Offer:


This section gives information about deals and discounts going on in and around the locality and online (like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.,)

  1. Fun Facts:


This section gives you deals based jokes which you can share on social networks with your friends.

Overall this app is very useful to track expenses without any complex data maintenance and also it has a very good user interface which makes it easier to use.


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