Have you ever dropped your phone in a puddle? Has it fallen out of your bag and then you heard that sickening cracking sound? Here are a few of the worst smartphone horror stories making rounds. Consider them cautionary tales. However, having the right smartphone case can keep those nightmares at bay.

We’ve all heard about it. The unlucky few of us have experienced it. We’ll call the victim ‘Sarah,’ but it could easily be any one of us. Sarah loved her iPhone 4S she was excited because it was her first real smartphone. She took it everywhere, the store, dinner even the bathroom. It’s a good time to note that a recent report by Kelton Research found that one of the leading causes of cellphone damage was by dropping and an entire 20% of reported cases had dropped their phone in the toilet. (59% of those times the owner reached in after it…ick!) These numbers while probably not known to Sarah should come as no surprise. As she was washing her hands our poor victim reached for her phone that was resting on the edge of the sink but hands still wet fumbled it and watched in horror as it did a somersault and a nose dive straight into the porcelain bowl and lodged itself in the drain. Whether she fished it out personally is unknown. All the data was lost. Worse yet water and liquid damage is NOT covered by Apple’s product warranty. What is painfully obvious now is Sarah needed a solid dependable case. A company called Lifeproof makes cases that are shockproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and drop proof. Most importantly, it submersible up to 6.6 ft much deeper than your average toilet bowl.


Victim number two we will refer to as Henry. Henry works as a roofing contractor and uses the calculator on his smartphone regularly. According to him the device usually rests on the tailgate while he’s making measurements. The problem with our friends’ profession is that it gets hectic at times and things get forgotten, knocked to the side or overlooked. This is exactly what happened to his phone while on the job. Assuming it was in his pocket while the crew was cleaning up, in reality Henry’s phone had slipped into the crack between the tailgate and the bed of the truck. Unable to get the latch on his truck bed to catch – assuming an errant block of wood or other debris – our victim slammed as hard as he could to knock the blockage out of the way and it worked. Henry’s phone fell to the ground shattered, dented and essentially useless.

The last tale, I hate to admit is a personal one. Even worse it could have been easily avoided. I had just upgraded my Galaxy S2 to an S3 (Also the fault of an unfortunate accident) I’ve never been one to worry about a case for my phone. Which goes a long way to explain how three separate models have met tragic ends. If you’ve ever had the luxury of using a pressure washing machine you will know how loud they can be. Much too loud to leave a smartphone in your pants pocket and expect to be able to hear it when it goes off. So to be more easily alerted I placed several hundred dollars of highly delicate electronics in the breast pocket of a button up shirt. I then proceeded to happily blast away at the decorative stone tiles. Until that is, I went to pick up something an item from the ground without a thought to the basics of physics. My beloved smartphone, the hub of my entire social existence slid out of that shirt pocket and landed face down with a loud crack shattering the screen instantly. Worse still it had landed in about an inch of soapy, dirty water. With no precautions; not even a decent screen protector, the prognosis was not good. The real tragedy is had I purchased a proper Galaxy S3 case beforehand, chances are it would still be here today, in perfect working order.




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