Siteground vs Hostinger-the Battle of Customer Experience & Performance

When you develop a website, you want users to access its content at any time of the day and night. The accessibility of a website majorly depends on the performance of the web hosting company. Therefore, It is crucial that you invest in the right and the most reliable web hosting company so that your potential customers can access your website anytime and anywhere. Failure to select a good web hosting company can be a recipe for catastrophe. Therefore, do look into the different aspects of web hosting; not just the pricing before making a final decision.

In today’s article, we will be drawing a quick comparison between the two well-known names from the web hosting industry – SiteGround and Hostinger.

The comparison will be on the basis of their performances and overall customer experience. Let’s see how they stand on these facets of the web hosting.


Similar to web designing, development, and user’s experience, uptime is equally important to the overall performance of your website. It would not be wrong to say that Uptime is the measurement of the health of your website.

In actual, it ensures the amount of time your website is available on the server without any disturbance. In the absence of uptime, your website becomes unavailable to users resulting in the low revenue and sometimes the permanent loss of a potential customer.

Consequently, to avoid such risk, it is necessary to make enough research about the uptime of your preferred web hosting company. Uptime is usually measured in percentage. Let’s see how SiteGround and Hostinger stand in terms of uptime.

Hostinger is renowned for its 100% uptime. For its competitive pricing, this type of uptime is really exceptional. Even on the 30th days of our observation, we did not find any downtime with Hostinger.

Coming to SiteGround, it is equally great in the terms of uptime. It has 100% uptime as well, except for the occasional downtime which is practically negligible.


The page loading time is one of the most crucial parts of any website’s user experience. And it depends on the performance of your server too.

Engaging content, attractive design and user-friendly interface, all your investment might go waste, if your website does not load quickly on the browser. Slow loading speed not only displeases the visitor, but can also drastically decrease your revenue. In the recent times, speed has turned into a crucial factor in the search engine rankings as well. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the load time of your web hosting company before making a final decision.

When we measure the response time of both Hostinger and SiteGround, we come to know that Hostinger provides more hosting speed than SiteGround. SiteGround response time is 464 ms while Hostinger loads website in approximately 88 ms. (Source)

In this close comparison, we can clearly see that  Hostinger takes 5 times less time than SiteGround in loading a website.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important factors to be considered while looking for a reliable web hosting company.  However, most of us forget to pay enough attention toward it.

Before you decide to choose a web hosting company, always get to know what kind of tech support you’re going to receive from them. Make sure you have proper knowledge about their promised response time, email support system, ticket system, etc.  The most important thing is you should be able to get technical support whenever a difficulty arises no matter what the time is.

Let us compare the customer support of both SiteGround and Hostinger.  

Hostinger Customer Support

Hostinger is known for providing prompt customer support. Its strong customer support makes sure you get an excellent localized support every time you need it.  Its Live Chat Support system is available 24 hours all 7 days of the week. And you can access it through every page of its official website. Hostinger Live chat support system’s response time is very fast, so you need not wait too long for your queries.

Apart from this, Hostinger also provides a general enquiry form where you just need to type your query along with your personal details.

SiteGround Customer Support

SiteGround is globally renowned for its world-class customer service. The customer experience is one of the zones where SiteGround has received everyone’s attention. Alike many leading web-hosting companies, their customer support is not limited to just live chat and ticket support, they also provide phone support. Their phone support is accessible 24/7 and answers queries related to sales, billing, and technical issues.

In a day, SiteGround processes more than 1500 tickets 2,000 chat requests, 800 phone calls. They have 200 + staff that take care of customer support only. The best part of their customer support is, it is available in three languages- English, Spanish and Italian.

According to the official survey of SiteGround conducted in the year 2016, their client satisfaction score is over 96%.

Conclusion – 

Out of this quick comparison, we can clearly see that both SiteGround and Hostinger comes with a lot of features. Both are different in terms of services and customer support.

SiteGround is the king of customer service and customer experience, while Hostinger is known for its high performance and affordable plans.

Finding the right web hosting company may take your lot of time and effort but at the end, your decision can turn fruitful for you. Hopefully, this comparison will help you to make the best decision while choosing a web hosting for your website.


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