Siri For Android: Best Android Personal Assistants

With the rise of artificial intelligence, even smartphones are getting smarter with newer hands-on features to provide you with the best facilities. You must have heard of Siri, the Intelligent Virtual Assistant developed by Apple in 2011.

If you wish to install a personalized assistant on your Android device, here are some alternatives as discussed below. These are also available in Google Play Store. Google has released the personal virtual assistant for Android devices under the name of Google Assistant.

Siri For Android Best Android Personal Assistants


This app is available only for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher version. While Siri for iPhone has evolved as an integral part of the device, there are many alternatives like Siri for Android available on PlayStore that can become your favorite personal assistant.

A Guide For Getting Any Of These Google Assistants On Your Android Device:

Google Assistant-Allo:

Allo, the Google Assistant mostly comes as an integrated feature on Android. For other platforms of Android, downloaded from the Android PlayStore. This assistant replicates almost all tasks that Siri can perform, including subscriptions to news, weather updates, and many other actions.

Allo performs extraordinarily in its contextual based answers, enabling conversation. It may take a while to tune to your style of commands as the assistant will bring up Google search results.

The Google assistant can be launched natively by pressing and holding the home button on Android. Its recent updates seamlessly integrate the AI based assistant with other Google products like Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Docs, etc.

AIVC (Alice):

A primary learner that picks up your everyday commands, Alice is a simulated app equipped to perform all necessary tasks like calling, sending text messages, e-mail, setting up an alarm or calendar, undertake translation, navigation (with the use of Google map), social media posting, toggling few system settings as required, and more.

So much so that it can also solve basic arithmetic problems for you. However, remember that installing the Google voice search app is a pre-requisite for this app.


Cortana was primarily launched as a desktop application. Though this is not designed specifically for Android phones, it can be used to outsource the routine tasks of your smartphone to Cortana and expect it to be executed proficiently.

Cortana For Android


Andy Assistant:

The tagline used for Andy is Siri-like assistance. It comes very handy for those who enjoy driving as its inbuilt navigation system provides real-time directions with the use of GPS. Andy helps with information about celebrity’s places and much more, using the Wikipedia source.

Andy is enabled with the ability to answer your queries and assist you in performing tasks like sending text messages and emails, calling, and other tasks that involve usage of hands.

Dragon Mobile Assistant:

This is another assistant that aids in organizing hands-free tasks. It can accurately pick up voice commands with its unique recognition feature, and this app can answer your queries on weather forecasts and sequentially take up equivalently significant tasks.

Even when your device is locked, this app can be activated by automating its wakeup time. As an advantage, this app has the potential to store all commands and implement on its own.

EVA Free:

Unlike its name suggests, you will be charged for using this app’s services. It interestingly enables you to get instant profiles almost anywhere. For instance, you can thrust your commands into your device while driving or caught up in a business meeting.

It allows you to call, send text messages, and read news or weather updates and a lot more. Moreover, it is integrated with Twitter, Google Plus, and many such services that help you post with a simple voice control.

However, the trial period is limited to 28 days, post which you will have to upgrade to its pro-version for extended usage.

Google Now:

An integrated app by default on most Android devices, Google Now makes your search easy. You can simply pronounce “Ok Google” and launch your query for a solution. However, you will need the Google Play Services and some pre-requisites to make use of Google Now.

In case you install the Google Now Launcher, you will automatically get the voice assistant, featuring on the homepage of your smartphone.

Google Now For Android



This virtual assistant application is quite a contesting one as it includes all the basic features like calling, texting and emailing, adding contact information, and performing a series of actions. It allows users to assign gestures to an app or task and can quickly grab your commands.

Currently, it is available in its beta version. Though this has further scope for development, the app is extremely professional and efficient. Its performance is worth a mention as against its free availability.

In case you have not tried any of these assistants so far, with clues from our above discussion, you could try making the best use of these apps and enable your Android to become your capable personal assistant.

With an easy to download Phone USB Drivers option on the web, you can install any virtual assistant on your Android phone without installing PC Suite to connect to your computer or laptop.


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