Selecting the Right Data Replication Software for Your Enterprise

In today’s digital age, the key for any business, company, or enterprise to survive and remain competitive is to be able to harness real-time data. With every click of a mouse or tap of a finger on a smartphone, information is being generated that serves as a veritable minefield of insight, which can be used for more efficient and effective business decisions. 

The key to harnessing real-time data is through the use of high-tech data replication tools. These software solutions take information generated at the source and copies it onto a separate business intelligence database, where it can be analyzed into useful pieces of information. Because data is streaming in at almost warp speed, it is important that such data replication methods are quick and responsive enough to keep the BI database updated.

Real-time Data and Business Planning

Years ago, the traditional way that business owners managed operations is through forecasting and periodic planning. These days, such tome-consuming methods are no longer practical given the constant and unrelenting flow of information from various sources and touchpoints, primarily due to Internet technology. If you are in retail, for example, consider that at present, e-commerce activities makes up a large percentage of consumer transactions.

Many tasks and business processes that used to be the realm of human labor are also now highly automated and faster than ever. Everything from weather monitoring and stock market performance analysis to logistics tracking and security surveillance generates data almost every second, and these need to be analyzed almost instantaneously as well in order to provide a snapshot of current events.

How to Choose Data Replication Solutions

It is important to find the right data replication solution for a particular company or enterprise as there is not one data replication software that works for everyone. Here are some things to consider when choosing data replication tools and techniques:


Determine the exact needs and goals of the organization in terms of data replication. How many data sources and targets are there? Is the data standardized or heterogenous? How much data is involved and what types of data need to be replicated? Most importantly, how often does the data need to be replicated? Cost and timetables are also vital parameters of any project, and it is no different to data replication solutions. The financial and operational factors of a company must be taken into consideration.

Tools & Technology 

Based on what the organization is aiming for, the right tools, techniques, and technologies of database replication can be determined. As earlier mentioned, the critical step in data replication is the database update. There are actually a number of ways with which to do this, to address latency or the lag time between the generation of new data and its replication in a separate database. The most preferred method for database replication these days is log-based change data capture (CDC), which monitors changes in a log to update the database. Traditional methods involved changes triggered by events or certain processes, which is less responsive to the nature of big data nowadays.

Vendor Reliability 

Perhaps most importantly, the expertise and experience of a data replication solutions provider should be taken into account. Reliability means being on-hand for technical assistance and troubleshooting at all times, so that the performance of the database replication software is not compromised especially during peak times of operation. After-sales service is critical, and the technology being used needs to be of utmost reliability. Cost efficiency is another aspect that only the vendor can help with in terms of providing the right solution at a reasonable price.

Investing in Right Data Replication Solutions

Keeping up with big data can require significant resources on the part of enterprises and organizations, but having the right data replication solutions is an investment that empowers any business with the most efficient tools available today. Therefore, it is vital to partner with the right data replication solutions vendor in order for you to make the most of the technology.


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