Samsung’s latest budget smartphone offering

Over the past few years, Samsung has released a succession of smartphones that have helped it become a brand that exemplifies high quality technology and savvy design knowhow. But whilst the Samsung Galaxy S7 may have seized some impressive headlines, the high retail price meant that it proved to be somewhat prohibitive for the emerging mobile markets.

Samsung Z2

But 2016 looks set to be a breakthrough year for the brand as the Samsung Z2 device aims to deliver all of the brand’s design flair, but at a fraction of the cost. This will be a significant move as the device will be released in August to emergent mobile markets such as Nigeria, Bangladesh and Indonesia for as little as $70.

With the inhabitants of these nations being evermore keen to access the benefits of the digital revolution such as online banking, media and games, Samsung teamed up with the Tizen operating system to facilitate an entry point model in the shape of the Samsung Z2.

Not that the 3.97-inch device will be cutting corners in regards to its processing power, as the Samsung Z2 boasts a very handy quad-core CPU and 1GB RAM that will be capable of handling all manner of tasks. The introduction of a 4G-enabled smartphone into the developing markets will obviously be of great interest to many app providers as brands like Netflix and Uber seek to broaden the scope of their revenues.

Although the 5-megapixel rear view camera might not match the Samsung Galaxy S7’s incredible camera, it’s equipped with a handy 8GB of storage that will be able to hold a wide variety of media from gaming apps to self-made videos.

Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartphones like the Z1 have already had a solid start in India and China, and so many industry spectators will be keen to see how these new Z2 models perform throughout the remainder of 2016.

Despite many citizens in such countries being initially unfamiliar with brands like Lucky Nugget, it’s expected that Samsung’s latest low-price offering will herald a greatly broadened choice of digital options for the emerging mobile markets.


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