Samsung Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5–the Ultimate Battle

The previous year was full of disputes between Apple and Samsung, or in other words, the relationship between Samsung and Apple remained hot throughout the year 2012. Well, even in this year, the relation will remain tense one way or another; perhaps, there won’t be much disputes but an indirect battle between their flagship devices. Whenever we talk about the battle between Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship, for instance, iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes into our mind.

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5

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Well, now there is no need to keep this thing only in your mind because the below mentioned paragraphs are all about Samsung Galaxy S4’s comparison with iPhone 5 – The Ultimate Battle.

External Specs, Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is much like its ancestor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 with round edges, plastic back and one trapezoid button in the middle. However, there is still one major difference in the design of Galaxy S4 as compared to Galaxy S3, and that is the screen size and weight – Samsung Galaxy S4 is much bigger than the Galaxy S3 and has a 5 Inch screen and the good thing is that despite being bigger, it is still 1 gram lesser in weight than Galaxy S3 which was 131 grams in weight and this makes the Galaxy S4 to have 130 grams of weight, in addition to this, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also encloses a pixel density (resolution) of 1920×1080 (441ppi). Whereas on the other hand, the iPhone 5 has 4 inch screen, which is smaller than the Galaxy S4 but still has a lesser weight of 112 gram so over here, it’s a draw but again, when it comes to the resolution, the iPhone 5 holds a lesser resolution of 1136×640 pixels (326 ppi) than the Galaxy S4. Therefore, the Galaxy S4 again gets the lead, and yes, how can we forget that to extend this lead even further, the dull and vulnerable metallic design of the iPhone 5 plays an important role as well – in fact, the metallic back of iPhone 5 was proved vulnerable to scratches the day it was launched. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the winner.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S4


The speed and the efficiency in the user experience of a smartphone is all dependent on its processor, which indirectly means that the speed and efficient user experience of both these devices – the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 depends on its processor. So coming back to the point of discussion now, the Galaxy S4 attributes a quad-core or octa-core (depending on market) processor with 1.9 GHz of speed and again, on the lower end of the scale is the iPhone 5 with a dual-core 1.3GHz processor. So it is quite clear over here about the winner –

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S4


Apple’s iPhone 5 has an 8 MP rear facing camera powered by auto-focus and LED flash and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a massive 13 MP rear facing camera with auto focus and LED flash, and when it comes to front-facing camera, the iPhone 5 has 1.2 MP front facing camera and on the other hand the Galaxy S4 has a 2 MP rear facing camera. For instance, it looks like that the Galaxy S4 will give better image results than the iPhone 5 but trust me, this is not the case because the Pixel Density is not the only thing which matters in camera results. But, as we do not have Galaxy S4 in the markets yet, therefore we were not able to play around with its camera and hence nothing can be said at this stage but, according to the pixel density, the winner is quite patent

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S4

Minor Specifications

These were almost all the major aspects which were to be discussed during this comparison. However, a few minor specifications also matter for example, the storage capacity – which is up to 64 GB for both the devices (internal storage) but when we take into account the compatibility to expand the storage by using an SD card, then the Galaxy S4 is again on the lead because it has the ability to expand its storage where as the iPhone 5 does not.  And when we take into account the OS, then, it’s all a matter of personal opinion and favouritism.

Well, after all this detailed ado, you must have recognized the overall winner until now. If you did not, then here is the scoop –

Overall Winner – Samsung Galaxy S4


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