This app costs around $ 0.99 in the app market. The developer of this exciting app is DION CHO who surveyed the demands of the users in the market and finally came out with the concept of this interesting app. With the help of this app user’s  can add different frames according to the demand of the photograph . Adding frames to the photograph gives them a distinguishing look and you can make your photograph look completely different from the original one. With the help of frames you can even add various photographs to a single frame and make it a collection of photographs.

What’s new in this app is that you can even click the photograph from this app directly without going to the camera option in your phone.

After editing your photographs with the frames and the filters you can easily share the edited photographs on various social networking sites such as FACEBOOK, twitter, flickr


This app costs same as the FRAME MAGIC app i.e $0.99 but the good news is that this app is completely free for the ANDROID users. This app mainly works to add a BLACK and WHITE colour to your photograph along with a little splash of true colours.

What you all have to do is just run your fingers on the display of your phone and adjust and add  the desired colours to your to clicked photographs.

This app is commonly used nowadays since we see various users of the social networking sites using BLACK and WHITE combination of colours to make their photographs look entirely different and unique.

So spending just an amount of $0.99 which gives you such a worth full app is not a bad idea to go for


ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LISENCE is free of cost i.e you can easily download it for free of cost from the app market and enjoy using it. Adobe Photoshop is well known for its editing and effects features so maintaining its high status and the standing on the expectations of its users Adobe Photoshop has tried to maintain its respect even in the phone apps too. It is believed to provide the best results in editing the photographs clicked through the phone.

The main advantage of using it is that now no longer you have to connect your cell phone to your P.C or your LAPTOP, now you can easily avail most of its features in the phone itself and make your photograph look extraordinary.

With this app you can automatically adjust the quality of your photograph by the auto adjusting   feature provided in this app.

These features can also be adjusted manually by the different options provided in the app separately.

Not only you can adjust these features but you can even add various effects to give a new look according to your needs.


F X PHOTO STUDIO generally costs around $0.99 that is almost same to mostly all the similar kind of apps available in the market for the photo edition. But what makes it different is the availability of almost all the features in a single app.

Now you have to no longer download a thousand of apps to edit your photograph .what all you have to do is to go to the app market and download it for just for aan amount of $0.99.

Use this app to add filters , add effects ,change the characteristics of your photos and lot more.

After editing your photographs with FX PHOTO STUDIO you can easily share it on the INSTAGRAM and gain praise and awards.

Now you don’t have to fill you cell phone with a lots of photo editing software’s just download this software and get everything done in seconds.

1)      DIPTIC

This app works best for both the ANDROID and the Ios. Diptic costs almost $0.99 and it’s a fair amount to pay for such an amazing app.

This app is mainly developed for users who are completely interested in adding frames to their photographs.

A total of 52 frames have been provided in the app and it serves it purpose best.

This app also works best with the ANDROID and the Ios. The amount of frames provided in the app are a completely different one from the frames provide in other apps. What’s interesting in this app is that in this app you can not only add different frames to make your photographs more interesting but at the same time you can even make changes in the frame according to your needs.

You can also click photographs from the app directly without going to the camera option in the phone.

A lot more features have been provided in this app such as adjusting the brightness, adjusting the colors and setting the contrast and the exposure according the photograph.

This app is quite simple to use and probably the best products for the persons interested in adding frames to their photographs.


As the name suggests this apps helps giving a funky look to your photograph. This app costs a little more higher than the other apps available in the market. But increase in the amount also enables the users to do a lot more what can e done in the apps cheaper than it.

With this app you can CROP, ROTATE, TILT and many more to your photograph.

Not only this, but you can even add various filters and effects to your photograph.

After editing your photograph with the BE FUNKY PHOTO EDITOR you can even                                                       easily upload the photographs on various social networking sites.

All the persons who believe in themselves to have a funky attitude, here is the time to prove you and get up photos the maximum rating.

3)      PIXLR – O – MATIC

The license of this app is completely free i.e. you can download it for free from the app market .What’s different in this app is that it works two features simultaneously i. e  when you are adding frames to your photograph the appropriate effects would be simultaneously added to make the photo look more amazing.

So now you don’t have to find the best possible effects while adding frames to the photos you have clicked, this app would simultaneously add the appropriate effects to your photograph to give it the best settings.

You can add various frames provided in the library and can even have a look at the effects that would be added.

So just click an image and rest all work would be done automatically. It works best on both the ANDROID and the IoS operating system


This app is available in the market at a cost of $1.99. This app is available for IoS OPERATING SYSTEM.

With this app the developer reveals the   various tricks of the photography.

Now with this app the user has the ability to access three different modes of photography such as AUTOMATIC, LIGHT TRAIL and the MANUAL mode.

The automatic mode enables the users to give the photograph a ghost look and fear your friends.

The manual mode helps the users to click photos in a very dim light mode and the photos clicked through this mode makes the photos look as if it was clicked in bright area

The last mode that ios supports is the LIGHT TRAIL mode which helps the users to click the photographs of light and mix these effects in other photos and give it a completely different look.


All the photographers are going to have a bad time because the money they earn for editing the photos would now be snatched by the users by this app available for the operating system such as ANDROID and Ios. All you have to do is to buy a phone which supports operating software such as ANDROID and the Ios.

This is completely a new era in the photo editing apps. These apps have been specially designed for these operating systems because these are probably the most running software’s around the world.

Almost 10 applications that compliment the INSTAGRAM have been mentioned above and the list goes on. A creative user can create as many photos as he wishes and make him completely crazy about this app.

This app has gained almost million of users across the world and believes this list to go on and on and a million of photographs have been uploaded since its launch. The prices of these apps have also been so aptly defined that it doesn’t even make the users to even think before buying these apps. You will find completely new features in these apps especially from the ones already available in the market. If you have still not downloaded or bought any of these apps for yourself then this is the best time to get them downloaded and share your views with the world.


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