Review On Nokia Lumia 920 V/S 820

Introduction On Nokia Lumia 920 And 820

After a long time NOKIA  finally announced its two new smart phones NOKIA LUMIA 920 and NOKIA LUMIA 820 , the two windows operating with the latest WINDOWS PHONE 8 operating system maintaining the lumia signature style.

They both are mid range devices and respectable ones ready to give a tough competition to the ANDROID operating devices.

Now let’s have a look at the specs and features of both the devices.


Nokia Lumia 820 features a 4.3 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 X 800 pixels and thus making the pixels per inch as 217 ppi in contrast of which NOKIA LUMIA 920 features a 4.5 inch PURE MOTION HD + CLEAR BLACK IPS LCD SCREEN with a resolution of 768 X 1280 pixels and thus making pixels per inch ratio as 332 ppi.


NOKIA LUMIA 920 holds a dual core 1.5 GHz QUALCOMM snapdragon s4 krait processor and NOKIA LUMIA 820 being the smaller brother holds the same processor.

This processor has become quite a famous now a days and is been used by major leading brands such as SAMSUNG, HTC etc.


Both the devices NOKIA LUMIA 920 AND NOKIA LUMIA 820 works on the same operating system WINDOWS PHONE 8 and that’s what makes NOKIA differ from other leading brands which have landed completely on the ANDROID operating system.


NOKIA LUMIA 920 holds a regular 8.7 Megapixel camera rather than a 21 megapixel or a 41 megapixel. But what actually make the 8.7 m.p perform the similar task as that of a 21 m.p is the special quality lenses and the best camera software’s, the rear camera is a 1.3 m.p.

In contrast of which NOKIA LUMIA 820 holds a 8 megapixel ear facing camera and 0.3 megapixel front facing camera.


NOKIA LUMIA 920 connect with a BLUETOOTH v 3.1, NFC , WI-FI and a micro usb 2.0 slot and its completely shared by the  NOKIA LUMIA 820.


NOKIA LUMIA 920 comes with a 1 GB internal ram with a storage facility of 32 GB ram, what one feels missing is the un expandable storage.

This expandable facility has been served in the NOKIA LUMIA 820 which comes with a 1 GB internal ram, 8 GB of storage capacity and MICRO SD expandable upto 32 GB.


To ensure a long lasting entertainment and support the various apps installed in devices a battery with 1650 mAh is provided in the device.


These phones being similar in many aspects also share the same GPU that is ADRENO 225.


As the first thing that strikes the mind hearing the name of  NOKIA is the BELIEF , NOKIA with these two smart phones again promises to stay on the BELIEVES of the users and with the latest apps installed in the devices ensures a complete new experience of a smart phone.

These two devices that is NOKIA LUMIA 920 and NOKIA LUMIA 820 are much similar in various aspects and are a good choice to go for.

Persons who want a change from the ANDROID devices must really look forward to these WINDOWS POWERED amazing devices.


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