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WordPress as we know it is a world-renowned platform for blogging, a place where art and inclusivity along with information nurture collide creating something so explicitly beautiful and powerful. But with the fame and prosperity of this platform, many hosting sites exploit the content of it, whereas it is somewhat similar to the shared host plans. But for hostinger, its state of the art architecture with its accessibility to SSL certificates sets the benchmark that outshines the so-called “Hosting services,” or rather violators. One of its primary benefits is its affordability. Customers can enjoy the services within 5$ a month where they will be getting unlimited features along with security programs.



In spite of some great content on your site, the users might still lag behind their competitors. This can mostly happen due to the uptime since it is a significant factor for any hosting site. So it is always advisable that the users get to choose a hosting service that gives them an appropriate amount of uptime. Hostinger, on the other hand, offers 99% of the uptime to their users for all kinds of packages even in the ones which are complimentary.

But unfortunately, the 99% uptime policy doesn’t work with the free packages since complaints from the users have unveiled the fact that they get a lot of downtimes.

Responsive Customer Support

The backend support often lags concerning its global scalability where the support team is not as sensitive, but with hostinger, the live chat agents are helpful and are knowledgeable. With its default repository of tutorials, it can provide a jump start for the beginner who is just in this particular sector. It does not stop there; even the experienced developers get full support when it comes to the configuration of the docker or WordPress API.

They don’t have any support contact info, so the only way to get in touch with them is through a ticketing system for which the users might have to wait.

Free Domain Name

Domain names are always available for the exclusive/premium plans which are usually very expensive, but with hostinger, the users can have a domain name registration with a price quote of $3.49/month for a year. So one wouldn’t have to pay 50-80$ a year for buying a domain name, since with the premium plan of hostinger that part will get covered as mentioned before.

But for the users with a free plan, hostinger only provides them with a sub-domain. However, they do provide free registrations of .xyz, .com, .info, .net.

User-friendly (A Great Service For The Newbies)

Considering the affordability factor in mind, hostinger is user-friendly too. There are a varied amount of plans that the users can opt concerning their preferences. The Cpanel demos in hostinger are very different from other hosting services since it has modified into something which can be user-friendly and uncomplicated. Site script installers are not free for other hosting services, but with hostinger, they are open and ready to be installed right away.

Even though hostinger is user-friendly with 24/7 customer backend support, it lags behind when it comes to providing an over the phone support. Click here to visit there website.


For all the new users out there, hostinger is still a viable choice for them since its free, and user-friendly. Along with the free plan, it gives the users a platform from where they can learn and develop other skills and in turn gain further experience. That means that the users can use this to enhance the quality of their blog along with keeping the technicalities at par. The point is to make something that stands out in the sea of other blogs and websites. So with hostinger, users do have a chance to give their competitors a run for their money. With more experiences, the users can level up by upgrading their plans which comes with more features and amenities.


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