Rent Phone Number from Belgium

Since the Internet has been integrated into our every-day life firmly and steadily, it does not look like it will disappear somewhere, leading business online is as usual as cleaning teeth every day. However, each marketer knows about the main pitfall of the online platforms and registration on them.

You have to use a real phone number for authentication. And you can use it only once for one platform. This is not a “deal” for those who lead business online as they normally need to register multiple accounts.

Online SIM providers supply you with multiple virtual directories from various countries around the globe including Belgium. Belgium’s code is +32.

Rent Phone Number from Belgium

If you need a rentable phone directory from Belgium, here are few tips on how to get a bargain.

  • There are services that offer one-time numbs and numbs for a long-period usage. You need the second option, but watch out, not every service offers numbers for rent.
  • Free services usually do not offer enough countries to choose from, that is why Belgium is better to search from paid services.
  • If a paid service offers free trials, this is a perfect way to start. In such a way you can check their work before paying for it.
  • Price policy also matters. Some of the companies are very prominent and do offer good service, but their prices are stratospheric. The secret is that many companies that are not so prominent yet are also reputable, but their prices are always lower.
  • To have a pleasant experience, check the reviews of other clients about the message delivery time. It should be quick.

With these hints you will definitely make the right choice or you can simply use this link.

Top SMS Services Offering Rentable Belgium Numbs

In case you do not want to spend much time on searching, here are the top SMS receive services that offer rentable numbs from Belgium for your review.


This service has global coverage and offers numbers from various lands. You can try 50 first messages for free at ClickSend. They also have a money-back guarantee. However, the prices are costly.


Owning an excess of 10,000 directories from more than 30 countries (with Belgium being among them) OnlineSIM offers rentable virtual numbers. This accommodation works with all popular platforms. The prices for rentable online directories start from $10 per day.


This accommodation also offers global coverage. You can use 25 free messages if you want to test them first. However, their customer support works only at business hours what may be an issue. Dedicated numbers cost from $34.39 per month.


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