Real Estate Mobile App Development: Features, Process & Cost

It is impossible to imagine a real estate company that doesn’t have its own digital product (website/application) or is not represented on one of the internet platforms. A real estate agency without a website has very low competitive odds. The typical buyer uses a smartphone to search for properties on the internet. Only 5% of US and Canadian firms don’t have a website, compared with 93% who do have. Applications in this industry are adapted for different groups of users, namely, necessary: ​​buyers, real estate agencies, and third parties.

Real estate mobile app development and further successful implementation is based on the primary needs of the customer. That is, «what is this application for?» You need to think about the functions, goals and capabilities that a real estate app or website provides. As an example, we will give the main ones.

  • Monitoring of the market, prices in the country/region/area or monitoring of developers;
  • Rent of premises for business or housing;
  • Viewing real estate objects, using an interactive map, a 3D tour of the object, the number of high-quality images;
  • Efficiency. Instant offer and notification of the appearance of a property or a potential buyer;
  • Filtering requirements for real estate search;
  • Record keeping with partners and clients;
  • Setting up reporting systems;
  • Availability of internal tools for tracking and forecasting revenue;
  • Verification of information, availability of a general register for monitoring market participants;
  • Configuring the security system for the site\applications;
  • Direct communication and user support;

Consequently, the development of a web application, desktop or mobile app leads to the need to hire a professional programmer. It is better to build digital products of the real estate industry on cloud platforms, as they provide the ability to store large amounts of information and support dynamic data updates. To store information, images and visual 3D-realizations of objects, an unlimited amount of memory on the server is required. Finally, the development of a web application depends on the type of product and its purpose.

Mobile Real Estate Applications

Quite often, real estate agencies order the development of a custom desktop or iOS/Android app. In this case, the digital product can be intended both for organizing the offer and sale to the consumer, as well as be internal, and used directly by industry workers.

One of the main tasks of the real estate application is to provide the user with valid information about the available properties for sale so that he doesn’t miss out on a value proposition or client. Mobile applications for realtors help them manage customer relationships or establish CRM systems, plan a schedule, customize reports and manage marketing programs. Mobile App Development for the real estate industry helps realtors in lead management. Programmers of various software companies provide modern solutions for iOS and Android applications. 

The cost of a real estate app in 2021 may vary depending on the scale and range of features available to users. For example, the cost of developing a minimalistic application for realtors, with an available list of objects that are relevant for sale and active clients, will cost approximately 5-10 thousand dollars. Such a wide variation due to differences in design, applicable technologies and the availability of specific functions for the individual user.

If a client needs a full-fledged application that will provide access to all the necessary functions, please with animations and have access to common databases on the Internet, then development can cost 10-20 thousand dollars.

Enterprise applications for large companies that make up an entire infrastructure and guarantee the simultaneous access of many employees will cost the enterprise up to $ 50,000.

RexSoft Real Estate Applications

The real estate app market has experienced explosive growth in recent years. Due to such popularity, the specialists of the RexSoft company focused the attention of developers on this area. Thanks to a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects, the company can boast of excellent quality and functionality of applications combined with optimal prices.

Orientation to the Western market guarantees the adaptability of applications for different operating systems and versatility in the changing market conditions. 

The golden hands of RexSoft specialists provide clients with a full range of relevant and traditional tools for successfully conducting business activities in the real estate sector and promoting real estate agencies far beyond the market of one country. Make your company successful by creating unique software that guarantees the success of every sale.


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