Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We understand a user’s fear of his personal information being misused. Below are listed some important policy statements on how we handle your personal information. We make sure that you find this notice easily right on our homepage, whenever our site demands personal information from you for a particular purpose. For instance, we offer subscription to our site for interested readers. In such a case, our site may wish to access your personal information for efficiency of service.

We declare to be the sole owner of all information published on our site. Readers who wish to record their comments in our site are expected to register themselves anonymously. If by law, the identity of a commenter must be revealed, we will do so. For more information, please go through our Terms of service. Before we divulge a user’s identity, it is our protocol to get in touch with the user and provide complete awareness of the situation.

Wherever required, we use cookies to record user preferences. We do this to ensure quality of service and provide the reader with customized content based on his browsing history. DART Cookie from Google render advertisements on our website using data tracked from the user browsing history.

User may opt out of this by visiting Google AdSense website, under the user’s own account. Other third party ad vendors use their own cookies and the user, if in need should visit the vendor’s site to opt out of cookie web history tracking. But we do not recommend disabling cookies in all websites for it may interfere with the complete working of some sites. We advise you to consult browser documentation. This will give you required information on all the tracking mechanisms related to that site and ways to opt out of them.

IP address of the user is tracked for administrative purposes. This is to help us establish demographics of the visitors and analyse trends. This information is not divulged to any third parties nor is it used to link with any other personal information identifiable.

Our site has undergone protective measures to safeguard from any unauthorized access by third party. The links provided in our website are for the purpose of reference only. We do not hold responsibility for the privacy policy of those sites. If you happen to experience a security issue, kindly send us a mail and we will address your concern.

We do not intend to violate your Copy Rights on anything. If any of our images used in the blogs or any content violates Copy Rights, kindly get in touch with us and we promise to remove them instantly from our site.

In case of alterations in our privacy policy, we will post the changes in an appropriate page to ensure that our users are aware of it. Kindly refer to our contact information if you wish to get in touch with us regarding any queries on our privacy policy.