New Technology For Tracking Mobile Phones

Why Do You Need A Spying App For Office?

Hoverwatch, one stop solution to avoid cybercrime!

Technology has made the life easier, no doubt! But it has laid birth to new issues like cyber crimes.

At home or office, we all are concerned about privacy and confidentiality. Let’s talk about business here. No employer wants employees to leak out confidential information or documents. In most offices, the documentation or data storage is done on PC. Important files are saved on company’s servers, etc. Within a few clicks, one can have access to any laptop or PC at the office. Similarly, a security breach is few buttons away. So, how can you avoid such severe situations? Well, you need a spying app for office.

Now you must be wondering, which one is the best in the market? You desperately need a phone tracking app developed by Hoverwatch!

Why Should You Prefer Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch, the ultimate app for phone tracking!

A spying app is nothing new to the market. So, what’s so special about Hoverwatch? Where every other monitoring app covers only one aspect, this app offers you a wholesome package. For a minimal price, you get to enjoy premium tracking features.

Here are the key features of Hoverwatch:

Geolocation Tracking

It is very common among employees to lie about their real location to the employers. And they always come with the most obvious excuse of a traffic jam. Well, this can’t happen again!

With Hoverwatch, you can know exactly where the employee is standing right now. This app comes up with accurate geolocation data of targeted device via nearby GPS or WiFi signals.

Call Recording

You may have restricted the use of the phone during intensive work hours. But your employees are not following the orders. You can avoid this scenario with Hoverwatch. Not only you get the call history but also can record incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted smartphone. If your employee is at the mistake, this app makes sure you have all the data!

SMS & MMS Tracking

In every office, trolling of bosses is pretty common. Ethically and morally, this is completely wrong. It is hard to catch the employees, as they may be using specific keywords or secret slangs on SMS. Or they are sharing inappropriate pictures of you or other executives.

This app records entire SMS conversation with additional details of name, time and date. Say no to trolling!

Facebook & Whatsapp Tracking

Facebook and Whatsapp are the most popular social platforms for sharing information. Both are flexible mediums to transfer any sort of files. Your employee may be transferring any confidential file or document. You can avoid the loss by tracking the Facebook or Whatsapp activities on the targeted device. It may seem rocket science, but using Hoverwatch is damn easy. Infact, you can enjoy the demo at

Stealth Mode

The great thing about Hoverwatch is that it works in stealth mode. Even a tech savvy person cannot notice the change in the smartphone. Without getting notice, you can receive all the insights.

Final Verdict

Hoverwatch is the most efficient digital spy that is compatible with all operating systems. This way it is an ideal app for office spying. From your PC or laptop, you can track every single device in your office premises.

Hopefully, you are convinced of its premium performance. But if you still have doubts, you can try out its 7 days free trial!


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