Management Consulting, the Evergreen Rage

Management and Consulting

Management jobs and consulting jobs, anywhere, whether in India or abroad have great value and respect. You have people looking at you with great awe and pride when you tell them about you working as a consultant or a management professional. This is because these jobs hold immense prestige due to the skills associated with them. Management and consulting professionals have a certain calibre, education and skills. The jobs entail consultation and management choices to be made in all fields;they are not restricted to one field alone. Management and consulting professionals are needed in each industry, starting from Information technology, software, hardware, telecom, food, fast moving consumer good etc. However, what happens when one blends management and consulting together? Management Consulting is one of the most eyed positions in big solutions firms. Check Accenture careers for such positions.

The New Concept

This new concept mixes the practical experience and training of a management graduate with that of a consultant creating new jobs. Often, such a position is not available for professionals at a junior level. Such management consulting positions require a minimum of 5 years of thorough industry experience; from any field. These professionals live a tough work life, taking critical decisions and bearing responsibilities for all major pronouncements which they take on behalf of their client firms.

Job Profile of Management Consultants

Management consultants are multitaskers. They partake responsibilities of innovations, designs, product enhancement, improvements, finances, cost-cutting, profits, research, expert views etc. Thus, they encompass everything that a business could be looking for. Thus, people and businesses, from the smallest to the biggest come flocking to such consulting firms. Accenture careers will give you a clear idea of the intensive work that such consulting firms undertake.


Education is one of the decisive factors that influence getting such jobs in the first place. Of course, an engineering degree would be great if you want to be a management consultant for your firm’s technology client, a media Masters if you want to work with their media client. However, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from a reputed one or two tier B-school is a must. An MBA is the best way to leverage your management consultant career.


Management consultants are probably one of the best paid professionals. They seek hefty packages owing to their education and a wealthy work experience that adds to their work place value. Their salaries range as high Rs 1, 50,000 to Rs 2, 00,000 per month. Their profiles demand a lot of travelling to meet clients all over the world. This gives them a different kind of exposure. The beauty about these jobs is that their positions and expertise rarely demand their lay-offs as they make the most crucial decision which holds their client’s in business with their firm for a longer period of time. They tend to justify their salary very easily. Just one relevant decision could see massive revenue coming in.

Management consultants are making businesses come alive, with cognitive thinking using theoretical education and practical work experience.


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