Make linear equations easy with these awesome hacks

Class 8 is regarded as a watershed moment in the life of a school-aged student. Students studying for their class 8 examinations should make sure they have prepared well, especially for difficult subjects like mathematics. This subject requires much practice because it encompasses a wide range of new theories and concepts that students must learn and understand. Mathematics is a topic that will provide students with a great deal of clarity in the coming years. Mathematics in class 8 can be thought of as the basis for more difficult sums in higher classes. As a result, if students are unfamiliar with these fundamentals, they will struggle with this subject for the rest of their lives.

When students in Grades 8 and higher create and solve linear equations, the figures and structures they’ve studied eventually come together for them. Different sections of Mathematics is used in this topic, such as geometry, algebra and even functions. That is why linear equations can prove to be comparatively challenging for many students, especially those who are not good with numbers. Because this topic might be tough for students to grasp, some clever methods are required to make it more understandable. Students should begin by looking for the finest study material for their curriculum, preferably one that matches the CBSE pattern.

In order to make student’s life easier, a few awesome hacks have been listed below. By using these hacks, students can be assured to score amazing marks in their next mathematics exam.

Familiarise themselves with shortcuts to solve linear equations

Knowing how to study linear equations more quickly and efficiently is critical for students preparing for examinations, especially those looking to participate in competitive tests like the Olympiad. Shortcut formulas can save students a lot of time while solving problems, and they’re more likely to obtain a correct solution in the end. A lot of practice is necessary to fully comprehend how these shortcuts will function on various types of problems. Even while students can always answer problems the traditional manner, knowing a shortcut formula makes things easier and faster. 

Note down all important formulas

The notion of employing formulae is central to linear equations. If a student wants to ace their mathematics paper, they must know all of the key formulae. Students may keep track of all of the essential formulae for this chapter in one place. They can simply analyse all of the formulae from one place while practising. This will save students a lot of time because they won’t have to go through several pages to locate precise formulae when doing exercises. All students will need to have this page with all of the formulae written on it with them during the revision period. Students can review these formulas right before their exam to retain them deeply, so they do not forget.

Solve multiple exercises

The only way to learn and recall different sorts of concepts and theories is to practise maths. If they know their way around the formulae, they can swiftly solve a variety of problems. This is the most important hack out of all of them. In every sum, several basic Linear Equation principles are employed frequently. As a result, students must constantly revise it. Understanding such principles is very straightforward; yet, learners must put up a significant amount of hard work and dedication in order to score amazing marks. Only a few fundamental formulae and ideas will be required of the students to be learned correctly and accurately.

Practising exercises from textbooks and Linear Equations RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Solutions Ex 8A is a great way to learn Linear equations easily and comprehendible manner. Using this to learn and practise mathematics can demonstrate to students new approaches to solving a problem. Students may readily comprehend and apply the offered shortcuts to solve the problems more efficiently since these exercises are provided with step-by-step procedures and shortcuts.

Students should begin by solving basic equations and sums, progressing to more difficult sums as they gain experience. Students may get erroneous outcomes if they dive directly into complex activities. This may cause individuals to lose confidence, which is terrible for them. They should start by completing basic activities and double-checking their answers against the solution. Once students have mastered all of the steps necessary to answer the basic sums, they will be ready to move on to the more difficult problems. Following that, they are free to move on to more difficult equations and practise them thoroughly.

Review errors

Once a learner begins to practise these sums on a regular basis, they will start to comprehend the frequent errors they make while solving them. They should make a note of these errors and then go to work on correcting them. If they have any queries about the topic, it is best to get them answered before preparing for their exam. Doubts can derail the entire practice process, as even a single mistake in these equations might result in inaccurate answers, costing the student valuable marks. As a result, understanding which areas students find particularly challenging and then concentrating on those areas directly will be useful for properly grasping Linear equations.


Practice will be the most important element of preparing for the class 8 exams. However, students must begin their revision one month before their exams start. Students should utilise this time to review and practise what they’ve previously learned regularly. They must understand that studying new topics from a textbook during this time is impractical since it would jeopardise all they have already learned. Consequently, adhering to what they’ve already learned and established their foundation will be incredibly beneficial. They should completely avoid learning any new topics and focus on mastering the topics they all know.


Math may be challenging due to the numerous formulae that must be memorised and the various sorts of exercises that must be solved. If students concentrate on solving linear equations using shortcut formulae, they may find them engaging. It’s also crucial to comprehend the fundamental significance of these equations. Any student may master their math exams by practising every day with commitment and hard effort.


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