5 Reason you can Face A Legal Suit After a Road Accident

A conflict between two parties can lead to legal suits, filed by either of the parties against the other one. Alternatives to legal suits do not promise much of a relief when the losses and suffering are too high. Road accidents are categorized amongst the most common reasons for filing a lawsuit. While there could be plenty of reasons and ways for a conflict to arise due to a road accident, some common reasons where you can face a suit after being into a road accident are:

  1. Damage To Property:

If you have damaged somebody’s property accidentally, then you are liable to compensate them for their damage. The damage bearer may file a suit against you if the conflict is not resolved by alternate methods. For example, if you have driven across somebody’s property, then you shall get it repaired. Otherwise, you may face a lawsuit. In such a case, your attorney may help you negotiate the compensations with your insurance service provider and/or the damage bearer.

  1. Personal Injury:

Somebody could have been seriously injured by you. Regardless of whether the other person was a pedestrian or was driving the other vehicle, you may be liable to cover or compensate for their medical expenses. If not fulfilled, then you are at risk of facing a trial in the court-room. You might have to hire a lawyer to get you out of such a situation. According to Justin Kimball from Preszler Law of Nova Scotia, sometimes it takes creative thinking and careful investigation to determine which policies apply to a personal injury case. They can most likely get you out of trouble without facing any trial in the court.

  1. Hit And Run:

It is advisable that you don’t run away from the scene after having an accident. It is best to stay around and call the police. File a formal report and receive a copy of the same. You may be charged with “Hit and Run” charges, in case you decide to run away from the scene. The plaintiff may file a complaint against you. Believe me, these charges are pretty nasty when you don’t have any proof of your innocence because you ran away.

  1. Limitation To Liability:

In case you fail to fully compensate for the claims made by the plaintiff, you may be at risk of facing a liability claim. In most of the cases, your policy may cover the expenses for the bearer’s loss. Depending on the policy you have, and the extent of its cover, it might be so that your policy does not cover the claim fully. In the event that such a situation arises, the court may take in possession your belongings and assets to recover the difference. This might feel unjust. Taking precautionary measures can help avoid such a conflict. These measures may include the type of motor insurance you buy, how good your lawyer is, and/or how strong your case stands in your defense.

  1. Accusing Falsely

When filing a report with the police, try not to make any accusations, allegedly. This may worsen your situation. Try to keep your report as factual as possible. Just explain your part of the story- what, when, where and how it happened. Do not forget to get all the proofs related to the accident. Get the photographic proofs of the accident, the damage caused skid marks, the vehicles involved, the condition of the road, and any other information that you may feel necessary to prove your innocence. Also, take note of other people involved or victims of the crash. Their details can help in the acquisition of important evidence and witness during a trial if faced.

Whenever there is an accident on road, the first thing that you should do is to check for any casualties. Call for an ambulance, immediately. The medical representatives may help you to establish the fact if the other driver was driving under influence. This may prove to be a crucial piece of evidence in your case. Apart from being on the safe side to avoid any suit filed against you, there are also some moral responsibilities you have. Another thing that you should do is to check if the vehicles are fuming. Drive the vehicles carefully to the side of the road to clear the path for others. Having said that, it is best that you drive carefully and avoid any crash whenever you are on road. Be attentive to the road and oncoming vehicles and the surroundings. If you are under influence of anything, it is best to hire a cab and not drive for safety reasons.


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