Knowledge Management: a perfect tool to build sustainable competitive advantage

What crosses your mind when you hear of organizations like Microsoft? The strategy has always been the first word that eludes from the lips. Indeed it is true that for organizations to be successful., the strategy in play always forms the foundation which later transforms to success. Knowledge management is, therefore, an important aspect for the success of most organizations. Knowing such issues like the strengths of an organization, areas that require change, how information is to be shared and how ideas should be implemented forms the knowledge management systems of organizations thus answering why other agencies are successful and others are not. In order to ensure the availability of enterprise knowledge, many companies like Expertsystem help them to find the best solutions to develop the appropriate knowledge management systems.

For an insurmountable success, a sound knowledge management process being used in any organization will assist in identifying a befitting management and production strategy to select. Good leadership has always yielded positive results in virtually all sectors applied and strategy has always determined the level of success achieved. Moreover, the strategy also crucial for most organizations as it tremendously assists organizations in collecting and organizing information among other resources in the primary sectors to give others an edge on the particular production or service line. Lastly, Knowledge Management systems allow various parties of organizations to adapt, share and even use the different knowledge acquired through the process. When things are accurately organized, and everyone knows what is expected of him or her, then the chances are that efficiency of the task will be achieved in all sectors or departments.

Impact of knowledge management on a business sustainability


When applied effectively, knowledge management can positively impact on business sustainability. It can increase the benefits of business because it works as driver analysis, therefore, pointing out to owners the dos and don ts to move their businesses to the next level. A perfect scenario is that a business person who has sound knowledge of his products and market stands a better chance to expand his business than one who does not know his market or products.

Likewise, it provides a business with a balanced scorecard that enables the company to focus on its objectives. Through its balanced scorecard, an organization can rethink their goals thus accurately deciding on their level of success. The goals of any business should be realistic and achievable, and this should also be reflected in the objectives of the firm.

In enabling the sustainability of business, the strategy promotes a demand led scenario. Simply put, it means that all activities are being driven by the demand in the market, therefore, avoiding extra costs which could be incurred by the business owner. Business activities which are being driven by demand have always provided an opportunity for most businesses to perform better as their course is already drawn.

Knowledge management is therefore the best strategy to select when looking for a change in your business as it provides you with all details and information you need to achieve your business objectives and success.


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