Is IoT the Next Big Technology Trend? What You Need to Know

The Internet of Things is now becoming one of the most popular topics of conversation, a concept that can impact many things around us, from how we live to the way we work. But what exactly is the Internet of Things and is it the next big technology trend we need to watch out for today?

There are many questions to ask when thinking about this concept. How does it impact you? What is this all about? I want to focus more so on the basics and explain its trend before anything else, so one will be able to grasp its foundation to know what it’s all about. So read on as I show you what you need to know about the Internet of Things!

What Is the Internet of Things?

Before we get into how IoT (Internet of Things) and how it can be the next big trend, let’s learn about what it is, exactly.

The IoT is basically a concept of connecting any device using an on or off switch to the Internet. This doesn’t only include laptops or smartphones but your appliances and electric furniture as well, from your headphones, lamps, or even your coffee maker and washing machine!

This would also apply to even just one or two components of a machine. For instance, you can be able to connect a drill of a rig or an engine of an airplane to the Internet for control.

To simply put it, if the machine has an on or off switch, then chances are that it is part of the Internet of Things.

IoT has become significantly important in our lived today, with the number of devices growing by the millions each year. Some analyst firms have already estimated there to be up to 100 billion connected devices, as it is a massive network of connected things (gadgets AND people). This is because just about ANYTHING with a switch can be a part of the IoT. The relationships can range between people-to-people, people-to-things, or things-to-things. For example, you can switch on your lights just by using your smartphone, or adjust the thermostat in the room with your computer. All thanks to it being connected via Bluetooth or processor.

These gadgets that connect to the Internet will be able to collect and share data, for people to consume and use. And with the abundance of processors and wireless networks, it’s now easier to bring more gadgets into the IoT, connecting physical and digital worlds.

Is IoT the Next Big Technology Trend?

How is the IoT becoming the next huge trend today?

It’s because of how it’s a massive contributing factor when it comes to how we share and collect data, which continues to grow online. Because all smart devices gather data and connect to other gadgets while sharing this data (without the need of humans controlling it), you’ll be able to connect just about anything and make it “smart” without the hassle.

Almost any type of device or machine can be turned into something “smart” and connected with other networks today. You can find cars to connect wirelessly for easy control and self-drive features. Televisions, your electricity, even your yoga mats can become smart, improving the way you live. There are now even voice-enables assistants you can use to help with your work and personal life at home.

The IoT impacts us in many ways because it makes life quicker and less of a hassle. For instance, you are able to connect your phone calendar to your car, knowing what quick routes to take just in time for you to make it to your meeting. Or, your alarm clock can connect with the coffee maker, waking you up while signaling the appliance to prepare a fresh brew the moment you get up. From your work down to personal life, the Internet of Things will connect you to other people and devices, making things faster and in a snap.

It’s the reason why many people are utilizing their smart devices to connect with other appliances, letting it do the job for them without the need to actually be in the room.

Wrapping It Up

Learning all about the new technology trends today will have you stay on top of competition. Not only that, but at least you won’t be left behind as the Internet continues to update and impact many things in your life, from work to play!

Hopefully, this article on IoT taught everything you needed to know about this booming technology trend and how you can continue to keep up with competition and lifestyle. So don’t wait any longer and start learning more about the different technology trends this year, as well as learning from companies like HPE or Dell today.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts and opinions on IoT, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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