iOS 9.3: All the New Features For the iPhone and iPad

Apple has made the latest update to its mobile operating system, updating it from iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3. The new iOS 9.3 is in the market fully packed with small improvements to the previous version without any drastic changes. This new iterative iOS update from Apple will most likely make the life of an iPhone and iPad easier with its tiny enhancements. Also, Apple has incorporated some helpful improvements that will make it safer to keep your information stored. Let’s give a look at all the amazing features of iOS 9.3.

iOS 9.3

Night Shift feature

Science says that using your smart phone during bedtime affects your sleeping cycle negatively. It is because of the bright blue light of the phone’s screen that messes your circadian rhythm. So now, Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 9.3 is here with a special feature. With iOS 9.3, your iPhone or iPad will automatically monitor the time and location of your device so as to determine the time of the day. Using this information it is efficient of changing your screen’s display colour according to the timing, making it more warmer (more of yellow) as the sun sets at your location. This will make it easier on your eyes during evening. The device will return to its regular settings by morning. This means you can now also use your iPhone and iPad before bedtime without affecting your sleep.

If you are not interested in making use of this feature, it is easy to turn the Night Shift off. Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Blue Light Reduction and then you can adjust how you want your display to be (how much of orange or blue) using a simple slider. You can also view and modify Night Shift settings from the Control Center when you swipe from the bottom of your iOS 9.3 device’s screen.

Password Protect your Notes

For all those who are very much habitual of using the Apple Notes app to keep a record of all information that is important to them, iOS 9.3 is here to keep your memos safer. With the new addition to Apple’s iOS, you will be able to keep sensitive information confidential in your Apple Notes app since Apple has added the option of locking notes with personal or confidential information. The notes that include your medical information, banking account information or stuff you want no one else to see, can now be locked with a password or your fingerprint. Along with this, you can also sort and manage your Apple notes by date created, date modified or alphabetically.

Multiple user accounts on one device for schools

It is very common for families to share their iPads or sometimes even their iPhones. It often used to hinder the privacy of both parents and their kids sometimes since there was no way to manage permissions on an iPhone and iPad. But with Apple’s new iOS 9.3, you get one step closer to benefitting from the multiple user accounts feature.

With the iOS 9.3 update, iPads will allow schools to creat multiple users for a single device so that students can log into any iPad in their classroom to get access to their apps, files and home screen. This is an important update to Apple, especially for the education sector. Schools now have a reason to purchase an iPad instead of Chromebooks. In case the schools find any issues with any of the iOS 9.3 features, they can always look up to iPhone repair Stevenage to get the issues resolved in a smart and secure way.

New Health dashboard

Apple has further improved the Health section of its mobile operating system when updating from iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3. Apple has updated its Health dashboard by including more relevant information like weight, workouts and sleep. It will now suggest you apps that you can use for tracking all such vital information from your health’s point of view. So, if you make use of your phone to track runs, you are going to like this update. However, the iOS 9.3 update still doesn’t come with any Fitbit integration, which is one device that heath conscious people are using these days.

Apple CarPlay

With iOS 9.3 update Apple CarPlay will be suggesting you songs, artists and albums based on your music preferences. This Apple CarPlay is featured in several 2016 and 2017 car models but the cars haven’t yet hit the roads.

Apple Maps

This iOS 9.3 update will also enhance Apple Maps, wherein a new Nearby feature will show you points of your interest such as gas stations, restaurants, coffee cafes and more while you are driving. This means you will not have to search for anything when you are on the road.

Final Say

Apple iOS 9.3 update brings you a list of improved features to enhance your experience of using an iPhone and iPad. It is making life easier for Apple devices’ users with all the above mentioned improvements.


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