Instagram Tips to Make People Love Your Brand

As Instagram provides long term values in brand marketing, you can use this tool for engaging the users. It is a very easy way to convert the potential customers to loyal ones and even brand promoters. Here are some Instagram lessons that can make people love your brand easily:

Using Instagram

Add Good Cause With Your Brand Values: You can combine your brand values with good causes. For example, if you are into a restaurant business, you can use local or organic ingredients in your food for helping the local farmers. This partnership can definitely be loved by many people and they will automatically post the organic food photos. The socially engaged people will surely talk about this topic and finally your brand will get praised. When you are captioning any photo post, make sure they are short and sweet in nature. Although there are no character counts like Twitter, you should not write a novel to describe your post!

Build Community Through Hash Tag: Though Pinterest, Twitter and other social networks can spread your post, Instagram can be used to build a community through hash tags. Even the smaller companies can think of using the hash tags to enhance their marketing strategies. You can use attractive photos of the food of your restaurant and can use hash tags such as #useyourfork. A food lover’s community can definitely grow up revolving your hash tag and you can easily introduce your brand to them.

Don’t Over Post: Over-posting may result in adverse effects. The photo feeds must not be cluttered with several promotional posts. This can make your followers lose interest in your brand, may feel irritated and can even unsubscribe your page. The Instamacro can help you in understanding the post management wisely.

Use All Instagram Tools:  You can upgrade your photos in various ways through Instagram. You should have a proper knowledge about all the useful tools of Instagram like the editing tools, filters, special effects etc. There are various business tools which can help you to obtain insights like the reach, engagement, ad insights, impressions etc. Though some of the features are exclusively available for the paid advertisements, you can opt for them to improve your brand promotion.

Be Relevant And Relate Followers: You should learn to think like your target customers. Suppose, you are providing a financial consultation services and you found out that some of the Instagram users are sports car lovers. Now, how do you relate to sports cars with financial services? You may post some pictures of attractive sports car and can add captions like ‘How can you buy this awesome car in just 7 days? Start taking excellent financial decisions with us!! ‘

Promote Instagram Everywhere:  Try leveraging this particular channel with other social networks also. You can include social buttons on your product pages or the homepage of your site so that the users can easily connect. You can also run Instagram campaigns with all your social networking accounts. Try to send reminders to the brand ambassadors, partners and employees who have developed a positive relationship with your brand.

Get Inspired:  Obtain inspiration from others for promoting your brand. Never copy the content, but you can definitely get inspiration from the attractive posts by other companies.

Find Beauty In Your Brand:  When you are promoting your brand, you must find it beautiful in many ways. Try to find out the strengths and the USP of your brand and try to highlight them properly.

With these tips, you can jump start your promotional activities of your business through Instagram. So, start taking pictures and add captions while posting them. You will be surprised to observe its reach and engagement power.

Author Bio:  Henry Lawson is an established Social Media marketer who works at Instamacro. In this article, he is providing marketing strategies so that people can prefer your brand easily.


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