Ideas to Free up Disk Space on a Macbook

While Macbook users can boast of having a solid and reliable device, the computer has its downsides as well. One thing that stands out a lot is the lack of available disk storage.

More-experienced Mac users will tell you that it takes time to get used to it, especially if you have made a switch for PCs. However, if you are facing a problem and want some solutions right now, the suggestion below should be of great use. Continue reading and find out how to free up disk space on a Macbook.

Idea #1 – Clear Scratch Disk

There is software that is chewing your storage space without you even realizing that it is happening. Photoshop is a good example. It requires virtual memory, which is a working space to store temporary files.

These temp files can get out of hand. The available disk space starts to shrink, and you cannot fathom why this is happening. Read MacPaw’s article about solving the issue at, and you may find that there is a lot more available disk space after you are finished.

Idea #2 – Get Rid of Junk Files

Junk files like caches, backups, app extensions, and plugins are not the biggest offender when it comes to consuming drive space. Nevertheless, you should remove them regardless as doing so will also boost the overall performance of the Mac.

You can tinker with the system settings and perform the task manually. Or, as an alternative, download a cleanup utility tool and have it do all the work for you. 

Idea #3 – Delete Old Applications

Old applications or even something you do not use frequently can be deleted and downloaded later. There is no need to have a disk full of apps that are there for no reason, taking up space.

Go to the list of apps you installed and sort them to see which ones you have not used for a while. Delete them and remove the caches so that you can get more space on your drive.

Idea #4 – Scan for Viruses

Viruses, malware, and other cybersecurity threats are usually associated with attempts to steal personal data. However, there are all kinds of viruses and malware, and one type is consuming free disk space.

One day, you may notice that the available space is shrinking, and you are not installing or downloading new data. If that happens, scan the system and make sure that there are no viruses eating away at the space of the hard drive.

Idea #5 – Buy External Storage Devices

External storage devices like USB memory sticks can become a life-saver when you want to store larger files. They do not cost a lot, so it should not be a problem buying one or two. You could also borrow from a friend or family member.

Idea #6 – Use Cloud Services

Similar to external storage devices, cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud will allow you to transfer files to a location other than your Macbook. The clouds are safe, and the data can be accessed whenever you want, so long as you are connected to the internet.

And the services are free unless you want to upgrade the plan and receive extra available storage space. 

Idea #7 – Subscribe to Streaming Services

Entertainment is something a lot of people could not imagine their lives without. And while Macbooks provide a lot in terms of what you can do, movies and TV shows are still a must-have.

Media files are large, and if you like to keep them on the computer, you will quickly run out of available disk space.

Thankfully, there is an option to subscribe to streaming services that offer you loads of movies, TV shows, music, and other forms of entertainment. Eliminate the need to keep large media files and make more use of available streaming platforms.

Idea #8 – Remove Language Packs

Some applications come with multiple language file packs. However, most users only need the English version. Keeping language files when they are useless would be a waste. Browse through the list of installed applications and get rid of language files where they are not needed. 

Idea #9 – Delete Email Attachments and Downloads

By default, every email attachment you double-click on is saved on the computer. If you use emails for communication and work often, it might be that the number of attachments accumulated by quite a bit.

The same thing can be said about the download folder. You should have some stuff downloaded that is forgotten by now, yet it remains on the Macbook.

Idea #10 – Empty the Trash

Not everyone remembers to empty the trash bin whenever they drag a file in it. Remember to click on the “empty” button because if you do not, you will only end up transferring the file to another location rather than removing it from the computer.


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