How to Sail Past Tough Engineering Examinations – Preparation Tips

How to pass engineering exams? It has kind of become a phobia amongst the young students aspiring to crack JEE mains or any other competitive exam. Students must make it a point that practice is primary for cracking tough engineering papers and there is no alternate to it. More than 60% of exam preparation is PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE. Use the preparation time very effectively. Engineering maths seems to be quite tough to many students but it is actually fun and very easy if your base is clear. Use an online platform to check for skills, specialization and accuracy of solving papers which can help you save time and improve accuracy.

prepare for the AIPMT exam

Check out for the top preparation tips to pass IIT- JEE engineering exams

  • Execution is more important than planning

Many students generally spend more time in planning than actually bringing the plan into action.  So, after filling up JEE advance 2016 application form, you are advised to create a plan that can be successfully executed.

  • Focus more on practical study than theory

Most of the students have a tendency to refer to countless books for each subject even though almost all of them convey the same thing. This only leads to ambiguous minds during revision time and many of your queries would remain unsolved without a go to book. So, pick a book recommended by IIT experts and brace up to get through it.

  • Practice previous year papers is crucial

Practicing previous year question papers is very important and should be left to take up before last few months of exam. These are the set of questions which have appeared in last year’s and you should contribute time to answer them so that you can compare your scores. Not only you are supposed to go through JEE advanced 2014 solutions but you should try to attempt the papers in the same time slot as your final exam.

  • Identify your strength and weakness

The best exam strategy to get through unbeatably would be to play to your strengths and sailing through the weaknesses. Each of us has some strength and weaknesses and a smart player would only be the one who do not ignore the weakness and let it go in hand.

  • Properly read the questions

Examiners usually try to trap students by tricking around with the question and options. So, it is always advised to read the question cautiously to know what is asked and understand the options with a focused mind. Also watch out for the questions that have more than one correct answer and you are to select the option with multiple correct answers.

  • Design a sound exam strategy

Do not attempt the paper the way it is intended to be. The important thing is to first complete all the sections you are really good at so that you can contribute more brain and time for the difficult ones. JEE mains/advance exam date is not too far so strategize wisely and your are there.

  • Make a cheat-sheet to revise formulas and learn all the shortcuts

Make a sheet of formulas so whenever you are in doubt or forget a formula, you can check it conveniently on the sheet. The list should be inclusive of memorizing charts, formulas, short cuts and everything you will ever need to crack your entrance exam. Go through the complied list on the cheat sheets weekly and there would be nothing to get stressed while writing the exam.

At last do not miss the JEE mains/advance latest news and keep yourself mentally and physically balanced. All the best for the final exam


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