How To Monitor WhatsApp Messages With TheOneSpy

Whatsapp is truly world’s most widely used social networking app these days. It has billion active users all over the world and number of users is creating the account on regular basis. Why is it so popular among the users compare to other social messaging apps? The reason is very simple; its features fascinate a lot to the users that have made every user to have the place for Whatsapp in their smartphones. It enables users to make free calls, text messages, and chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and voice messages.

However, some people really want to track all the Whatsapp sent or received messages on someone’s cell phone. The task seems very hectic and impossible to perform, but the modern technology has made such tools that can pass through all the hurdles made by the instant messaging app.  Anyhow, in this particular post we are going to tell you, how you can track Whatsapp messages to the fullest on your target cell phone device running with androids, IOS, and blackberries.

How can you track WhatsApp voice messages?

All you need to do is to search for the best of the best tool for spying WhatsApp social media app messages on the target phone. A tool that is enables a user to surpass the hurdles made by the voice messenger in the shape of end-to-end encryption of the Whatsapp. Therefore, if you really want to track on WhatsApp voice messages on your target gadget, then use the spyware for cell phones.

Install TOS cell phone spying software

Are you in the search for monitoring Whatsapp messages, then act fast and subscribe to the TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring software. You will get the passcode and the ID through an email sent by the TOS. Now you can install the best spying app for phones on your target smartphone. When you have done with the installation procedure, activate it on your phone.

You will receive an option, either you are willing to track WhatsApp instant messenger secretly or not. Set your preferences and then activate it on the target smartphone. After that use the given credentials that you have got at the time of subscription and get access to the TOS online control panel. Now you can visit the spying tools of TheOneSpy and use IM’s social media and you will have Whatsapp spy app.

Spy Software for Whatsapp: You can

It enables a user to get access to the written chats on WhatsApp. A further user can listen to the audio and video conversations shared media such as photos and videos and track the contact number and the details. Moreover, a user can track time stamp of each and every single activity happen on the messenger such as messaging conversations and shared content on the social networking app. Get access to the chat conversations and plenty of other relative information get directly through the TheOneSpy web portal. All you need to do it to plug the target device to the stable internet connection.

How Does Whatsapp spy app work?

Once a user has got the access to the TOS online dashboard, you need to do is to create a command and send it to your target cell phone device. Once the command has received on the target phone, it will start getting access to the Whatsapp messages to the fullest. The moment you have sent the command to the target phone and the moment it has received the command, you will have the access to the messages sent or received within no time. It means, it is very rapid in its efficiency and accuracy that enable a user to pass through all the barriers of the end to end encryption of Whatsapp.


  • Before subscribing, you should know the target cell phone is compatible with the TOS.
  • You need to have physical access to your target smartphone.
  • The target smartphone should be connected to the stable internet connection.
  • TOS is compatible only with Android cell phones, IOS, and black barriers. Further, you can monitor android pads and tablets.


Don’t waste your time and money, when it comes to tracking smartphones. Bring TOS and put your worries to rest and get your hands on WhatsApp messenger messages to the fullest.


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