How to install free SSL Certificate using cPanel

SSL certificates may be costly because they will protect your site from hackers as well as if you are taking some important information from your visitors like their credit card information and other personal information then you need SSL certificate otherwise hackers can get that information and they can also misuse that information.

The Benefit of SSL certificate is it will encrypt information and then it will send it anywhere you want that information to be sent. So that if hacker will get it then also it will be encrypted.

The only disadvantage of SSL certificate is it will make your site slower. here, I am going to show you how to get free SSL certificate and how to install that Certificate using cPanel. So, Let us start with the first step.

I have Interserver web hosting (Use This Interserver coupon to get it at $0.01), It will be slightly different at your end but the process is same.

1. Get free SSL certificate from is the site which gives away SSL certificates for free. I don’t know why it is free, They takes Donation from the one who wants to donate. For every user, It is free.

Just enter your domain in the box given at just like below given image.

getting SSL certificate

After that, you have to verify your domain by uploading the files they will provide you at the specific location on your server. If you will pass the test, you will get SSL certificate files. The files will be,

  1. Certificate file
  2. Key file
  3. Bundle file

Now, Download the files and save it to protected location on your computer. Now, Open the cPanel and find SSL/TLS Manager from cPanel.

Open SSL/TLS manager and after that, click on the Manage SSL sites option. After clicking on that, You will get something like below given image.

Installing SSL certificate...

Now, Copy-paste the content of Certificate file to the first box, Private Key to the Second Box and Bundle file to the third box. Also, Don;t forget to select the domain from the drop down menu which will show you the sites that are hosted on the same web hosting account.

After that, Click on the Install Certificate button and your certificate will be installed successfully! I have installed SSL certificate on 2 sites using this method on Interserver web hosting. It is working fine!

You will also see boost up in rankings after installing SSL certificate because google trusts the Verified or you can say protected sites. After installing SSL certificate on one of my niche sites, Site jumped from 6th page to 3rd page on the second day itself!

If you are on WordPress, you have to edit your .htaccess file to 301 redirects all URLs to https:// as well as to fully secure your site, You have to be sure that you are not giving backlink to any site that does not have SSL certificate.

Otherwise, you will not get completely secure Green Lock icon beside the URL of your site. So, this is how you can install SSL certificate on your site to improve rankings and also to secure it from attacks!


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