How to get VoLTE using Jio SIM on other Carriers

The Indian telecom market is on the edge of revolution and the credit goes to Reliance Jio.  As the other major service providers like Airtel, Idea, etc.; have provided 4G services with better internet speed but they have not overhauled to offer VoLTE for better voice calling services. VoLTE service enables you to call to your relatives, loved ones, colleagues, friends or anyone without using cellular network.

VoLTE is defined as the technology in which voice data carries over the internet. It is acronym for voice over LTE. This service totally converts your LTE mobile phones into VoLTE enabled mobile phones. It requires only one strong network connection.

What is JioJoin?

Now a day it is quite difficult to use your particular cellular network to make a voice as well as video call as it is costly and sometimes you need to find the network. Reliance Jio took a revolution in this field as it provides HD voice and video calling services to their customers. They have launched a revolutionary app in the market. JioJoin app can make it possible for you. It uses 700 MHz spectrum to deploy its amazing 4G services in the entire country.

The company has not commercially launched this Reliance Jio SIM 4G SIM in the market. It is under open testing in the entire country. If you want to use this service then there are two ways to make it happen. You can either buy a Lyf handset or buy other compatible smartphone. But sometimes the user did not want to switch to the Lyf phones and still want to use Jio services. Then we need to find a Jio compatible phone on net.

Amazing Features of JioJoin that will blow your mind

JioJoin is launched with lots of amazing features in the market as it has got the capacity to rule the market. Here are some interesting features of this amazing app that will blow your mind:

  • You can make a call to non Jiojoin app user.
  • Only the JioJoin app user needs to have a strong internet connection.
  • It is not necessary that the receiver should have a JioJoin app.
  • It has got very easy and user friendly interface.
  • This app provides you opportunity to send a brief message to someone.
  • You can also make a HD video call to your friend via JioJoin.
  • It is not necessary that the receiver of the call should have internet connection.
  • You can use the other service provider network to make a call.

How to get VoLTE using SIM on other carriers?

In order to use the Jio services people have two choices either they can buy a Lyf handset which consist of inbuilt Jio SIM in it and offers unlimited data, voice calls and messaging services for three months or they have to find the Jio compatible phones. The company has recently tied up with the Samsung company so you can buy a Samsung phone and then buy a Jio SIM from the store by submitting the required documents in that store. You can also enjoy the unlimited 4G internet, calls and messages with Samsung phones.

Compatible Devices for JioJoin SIM

The compatible Samsung phones are Galaxy S7edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM, Galaxy S6 Edge plus, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A8. You can buy any of the phones to enjoy the Jio SIM services. Then you just have to buy a Jio SIM for that Smartphone from any nearby Reliance Digital store and after performing all the paper work formalities you can have your own Jio SIM in your Samsung smartphone without any problem.


JioJoin app has got all the ingredients to take over the position of other internet calling app like Viber and Whatsapp. In case of these apps both the parties should have same app installed in their devices. But with JioJoin app you can make a call to non Jio app user.

As we know that there is no other app available in the market which provides such amazing features so this is the best revolutionary app in the market which can reduce the usage of all the internet calling apps in the market.


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