How To Create A QR Code In 4 Simple Steps

Most of the internet marketers are using QR codes to reach more and more audience; QR codes are very much similar to the bar codes you see on products in the malls. But they include a lot of information than the traditional barcode. QR codes are nothing but Quick Response codes which were widely used by millions of people in Japan and US. As the time passes, QR codes are gaining a lot of popularity and are being used by millions of people all around the world. Qr codes can contain advertisements, address or even hyperlinks, etc. Now you might think creating a QR code for a blog/app is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, It is. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can create a QR code within few minutes. There are loads of tutorials over the internet regarding QR codes, but what I found is most of them try to make it complex which is totally crap. So I’ve decided to write an article to help people who are struggling to create a QR code. Follow the easy step which I mentioned below and create a QR code within a couple of minutes or even seconds :p

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How To Create A QR Code

Step 1: To be frank, there are many QR code generators out there, if you ask me which one is best and simple, then I would say Visualead is the best. Things you should remember before choosing any QR code generator, the one you choose should be able to show the performance and stats of the QR code you’ve generated (it will help in analyzing, mostly for marketers.)

Step 2: Select the design and look you want to give to your QR code and choose what type of content you want to insert in the QR code (Send your audience to a specific blog or address)

Step 3: Insert the content you want in the Qr code, let’s say you want to send your audience to a particular blog’s page, then insert the URL of that specific pages.

Step 4: After entering all the details correctly, once check the preview of the Qr code (you can also customize also if you want) Then download the QR code or simple embed where you want.

As simple as that, doing all these stuff will hardly take around 2 minutes or maybe 5 minutes at max, You can also analyze the performance of the QR code like How much traffic or visitors are coming one Qr code, are people landing on the page where you want them to be landed, are they even able to scan your QR code? And much more. Only few QR code generators will show you such statistics, so choose wisely before proceeding.

That’s All!

Hope you find the article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends who are not able to create a QR code.


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