Home Automation: What It Is and How It Works

Thanks to the continuous introduction of a great variety of gadgets and devices with the Internet connectivity, there has been a rapid expansion of innovation when it comes to the home automation sector. These great innovations have made it possible to make enormous strides forward towards the creation of a fully automated home in which every device or household appliance is interconnected and can be remotely controlled and monitored from a smartphone or tablet. Settings can be programmed so the house can literally take care of itself.

What Devices Can be Automated?

Heating and cooling systems, lighting, alarms and surveillance cameras, door locks, smart-TVs, stereos, and even window shutters can all be hooked to the same network and can be remotely controlled from a mobile device. You can monitor your home or operate the settings and activate functions like lights that can be also programmed to turn on and off automatically at set times when you are out, close windows automatically when it rains, shut locks according to your preference.

Safety and Security

Home automation is already transforming the home security industry on a global scale, and to this effect intelligent door-bell systems coupled with motion sensors represent the latest trends on the market; they can notify you when someone is at the door, if a visitor rings the doorbell or knocks on your door-step, and can automatically snap pictures of strangers, allowing you to see who exactly has been at your door. In terms of surveillance methods, home automation represents many benefits for keeping your home safe. In fact, there are also drones available specifically designed to scare and chase away thieves.

Cost and Providers

When it comes to the cost, the prices vary. Some products can be purchased separately at quite a low price, like for example a basic Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker with remote voice command functionality, while serious home automation systems can get rather pricey. It is, however, worth to invest more money and install a proper home automation system to enjoy the full potential of what the latest technology can bring to your home and integrate it to transform your house into a fully automated smart home. Companies like ABB offer some of the best home automation system solutions so you can take the advantage of all the perks of fully automated and smart home.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of a smart-home is that it reduces energy consumption and thus lowers your electricity and gas bills. It therefore promotes environmental sustainability by lowering carbon emissions. Just think of how the lighting system can adapt to your behaviour and turn on and off the lights when you are present or leave the room, lower the lighting to your convenience and according to mood preference. The same goes for heating/cooling systems as thermostat levels can be controlled automatically, thus home automation is crucial for the environment and decreasing carbon emissions and for your personal pleasure and security.


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