Greatest Opportunities for the Proper Business Management-How Would You Do It

Business Process Management is the driver for sustainable business development. The providers have solutions in the portfolio that can be customized and linked to ECM.

Businesses have to cope with an ever-growing amount of information. The structures and processes in the companies are becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, the optimization of their processes becomes an urgent task for the companies.

Every company is different. Accordingly, the requirements for BPM are different. A solution for process management must therefore adapt flexibly to the individual circumstances of the user company – for example, in terms of budget or maturity level.

The Manufacturing Options

According to the manufacturer, this is one of the strengths of modular BPM solutions. Thus, the process management specialist offers the right tool for each application scenario to analyze and visualize business processes and, for example, to simulate in advance the effects of new software on the affected processes. The most diverse process experts can thus perform various tasks according to their roles. You can know more about business process management now.

In addition, the company offers a comprehensive range of consulting and services that, according to the supplier, go far beyond the mere product range. The company consultants work product-related and project-oriented actively with the customer on site. The aim of this individual support: shorter project handling, relief of the project budget as well as fast help with fault diagnosis and specific inquiries.

His solution suite the company 2013, the BPM specialist recently missed an update. This includes, among other things, a role-based web portal that enables targeted and efficient navigation in the the company repository.

  • Through the web portal, employees can see at a glance which processes they are exactly involved in and how their activities are embedded in the entire corporate landscape. According to the manufacturer, it provides users with relevant and role-specific insights into each process and its business information, such as business goals, measurements, systems, and risks and controls.
  • The BPM software of the system house IMS also marks a modular structure. According to the provider, the system forms the basis for a consistent, holistic approach to corporate design. It enables the modeling, analysis, optimization, simulation and documentation of business processes.
  • It is now available in version 7. The innovations include a complete BPMN integration and comprehensive modeling standards as well as an intuitive operating concept that is based on the Windows standard.

Structured documentation

Many BPM specialists show their products in the framework of the DMS Expo. After all, there are many points of contact between process management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The conception of ECM is also aligned with the business processes because the documents and data to be recorded for the forwarding or storage of the digital information are documented in a structured manner within the process description.


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