Google Chrome in Android can detect any URL in the Clipboard

Google Chrome is the most preferred browser for a reason. It is insanely popular and is used in both PC’s and Mobiles by majority of users. Google is constantly working on new features for its various services, and Chrome is one of its apps it plays around with most frequently. Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the addition of a super-fast new widget feature and today we’re finding that the latest version hides a new feature for entering URLs.

Chrome in Android could detect any URL on the clipboard.

Chrome in ANdroid can detect any URL

Google has been caught up making several efforts to make its apps better and efficient. It recently added support for offline webpages in Chrome for Android. Now, the Internet giant has released a new feature that will enable the app to detect the URL that is lying in your phone’s clipboard and suggest it automatically in the so called ‘omni-box’ navigation bar. The update is currently available in Chrome Dev app for the version 60 on Android and can be downloaded via Google Play store.

This new feature in Google Chrome Dev was first leaked by Google Plus user Younes Layachi, who also posted the screenshot of the feature on the platform. Especially designed for early adopters, Google Chrome Dev’s v60.0 update gives the app access to your smartphone’s clipboard to detect any URL that you may have copied from elsewhere on your smartphone. It will then automatically suggest that URL if you happen to tap on the omni-box in Chrome.

Steps to Enable the Feature:

In order to do that, you need to enable the feature. Follow the steps below to enable the feature.

Step One: You’ll be required to enable flags in the app by going to chrome://flags URL.

Step Two:After that, scroll down to locate “Omni-box clipboard URL suggestions” and enable it.

Step Three: Nothing to do here. Just close the app, then you need to relaunch the Chrome app and you’ll get the feature.

If you believe in exploring other Internet browsers on your Android phone apart from the default and shipped ones, you may have also tried UC Browser. UC Browser, too, has the same feature where anything that’s similar to a URL in the clipboard is automatically filled into the URL box. Google Chrome is gradually adding such features that are already found on other third-party Internet browsers.

If we talk more about these features, a feature that has been necessarily asked for by Chrome loyal users is the support for add-ons and extensions so that mobile users also get to tweak Chrome as per their preferences – including the addition of ad-blocking.

Microsoft too is likely to add extensions and more to its whole Windows 10 ecosystem including Mobiles but we are yet to see more development on this. It recently added many new features such as Inking support, Cortana integration and more. We are living in truly exciting times and get to see browser wars with amazing features supported on all platforms.


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