GoGoPDF’s Ultimate Guide For Beginners: Edit and Convert PDFs For Free

Today’s technology allows people to improve and upgrade in almost every way possible. From the smallest way up to the most significant, everyone gets to take advantage of them. One of the noticeable advancements we can cite is how we process and alter our documents through online converters.

There are various online file converters available on the internet, and one of them is the GoGoPDF, which focuses on converting PDF files to other document formats. This article will provide the necessary information about the software that every beginner might need. 

What Is GoGoPDF?

GoGoPDF is one of the web-based PDF file converters that lets its users access and open any PDF document even using their mobile devices. This tool makes any file conversions easy by allowing you to work on any file format to PDF. Because of that, there is no need for you to download and install any applications to be able to open them.

GoGoPDF's Ultimate Guide For Beginners

PDF files are enjoyed by many due to their read-only characteristic. There are times when the need to edit them is required, and this is precisely when tools like GoGoPDF come in. It can showcase its versatility with every alteration you can do, including how to convert HTML to PDF.

If you are searching for an online PDF converter that can deliver quick results, GoGoPDF is suitable for you. This converter site has more than 20 tools that can help edit your files in no time. Editing, securing, scanning, and creating PDF files are achievable here. 

What Are Its Features?

Just like any other tool, GoGoPDF has a lot to offer exclusively to its users and features that not every company can give. Here are some of the most significant factors this tool has that you may want to take a look at. 

Secured Files

One of the main concerns every online web user has is its data privacy. Cybercriminals are everywhere, waiting for their chance to take advantage of the situation and steal your information to use for their dirty scheme. That would be the last thing you would ever want to happen.

It is a fact that sometimes safety has a limitation even when accessed through a private browser. An incognito browser may be able to adjust things that can be revealed, but it can’t do so much when it comes to securing your privacy. But, rest assured that you are protected every time you use GoGoPDF.

In terms of privacy, the company is at the top of the game as it knows the importance of confidentiality. Every file that will be uploaded to their system will be removed after an hour. This will be an automated process. Through this, they sustain a firm privacy policy for their users. 

Customer Service

Probably one of the most outstanding features GoGoPDF offers is the accessibility to its customer service team. Let’s face it, not all PDF converter sites have representatives ready to cater to their customers. Their team is happy to help their users with navigating and task issues. They are also open to feedback to provide better service. 

File Sharing

It is rare that PDF converter sites only cater to a single person. These processes usually work for groups of people. Hence, files need to be in their most accessible form. GoGoPDF has all the buttons that you need to be able to share your files on social media quickly and with ease.

The option to the platform’s multi-format and personal document sharing is also available. It means that sending every type of document will be easier for you, your colleagues, and your family. With all these features, this tool is making the lives of its customers convenient. 

What Can You Do With GoGoPDF? 

View And Edit

Viewing and Editing is one of the basic processes anyone can do with GoGoPDF. Instead of downloading and installing additional applications, using this tool will be quicker and more comfortable. When viewing, you can rotate, renumber, and even zoom pages of your choosing. Changing the file’s font color, style, and size are also possible.

If you also wish to add images, GoGoPDF has the perfect tools for you. Adding shapes, drawings, photos, and even freehand text and drawing can also be done. Users can perform this at their most convenient time and place. Not to mention that it automatically saves your edited file and makes sure to keep them intact. 

Convert From PDF

To be more specific, users have the option to convert their PDF files into other file formats when using GoGoPDF. Aside from keeping your files secure and safe, document conversions are one of the best services they can provide. If you wish to keep your documents in the next few years, converting them might be the best option.

Converting PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG/PNG, Office Files to PDF are only a few of the conversions that they can offer. Many people from the business industry are becoming loyal users of this due to their excel converter. With just a few clicks of a button, bridging elements from one file to another can be quickly done. 

Split And Merge

Aside from converting files, an excellent online converter should also be able to perform other tasks like splitting and merging PDF files. Fortunately, GoGoPDF is happy to provide its customers with this process. With just a few clicks, rearranging the pages of your file will be done.

As mentioned, merging can also be done with this tool. And you do not need to worry about your pre-existing file as nothing will be changed in the process, except for those you have done. The split function is also accessible, which will allow you to divide any of your PDF documents into smaller and separate files. 


File conversion sites have become significant, especially with how people handle and conduct business, classes, and other transactions. Various platforms are available online, but you need to make sure to utilize those that will cater to your document alteration needs, like the GoGoPDF.


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