Get social with your iPhone 5

If you’re looking to get social then getting an EE iPhone 5 contract could be a great way to achieve this. Not only will you be able to call and text friends but you’ll be able to communicate in a number of other ways too, so why not try out some of the following?



Have you ever wanted to share something but have been too afraid to put your name to it? Well if you have then Whisper – billed as the anonymous social network – could be the app for you. You can express your feelings in a number of ways as various fonts and filters are available. You can even communicate with others about their posts, all while maintaining anonymity. It’s now available for Android too.


Vine is growing increasing popular and perhaps for good reason. Quite simply it enables you to create short, looping videos and share them with your friends and family. You can make as many videos as you like and share them via Twitter or Facebook too. It’s free from the App Store.


Sometimes a picture says it better than words. Now it’s easier than ever to send snaps in the direction of your friends with this real-time picture chatting service. It allows you to take a picture or video and send it on to be viewed for between three and 10 seconds. The app is even clever enough to detect if the recipient takes a screenshot, although it cannot prevent them from doing so.


This app is now a well-established and widely used instant messaging service that connects people from across all platforms. So if you have a 4g iPhone or smartphone then it could save you using up your text allowance when talking to others with the same app. It costs 69p, although this will quite likely pay for itself pretty quickly if you use it regularly. You can send pictures in a flash too.

Find My Friends

Sometimes it’s good to know where someone else is and when those occasions arise this could be the app for you.  Find My Friends allows you to add contacts and send a request to see their location. It’s great if you’re planning to meet someone but aren’t entirely sure where you’re meant to be going. Another use is that it can notify you as to when someone arrives at their destination, something that might be particularly useful to parents.


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