Facebook brings “Live Chat with Friends” feature this summer

Facebook has always come up with new innovations and technology to satisfy the need of their customers. Facebook understands the importance of video and hence they have used this service to introduce new ways to connect to their friends. Recently they had announced two new features that is-the Live Chats with Friends and Live With.

The new feature Live Chat with friends opens up a private chat room for the users and their friends during a video. If a user wants to discuss the subject of the stream in real time without airing their conversation to the general public they can just rope in few friends on the side.


The feature has a low learning curve and is very easy to use. If someone is viewing a stream, one can invite friends into a separate chat room irrespective of them watching the broadcast or not. One can jump to engage into a public conversation without leaving the group and the private room can keep talking after the Live Video ends as a messenger group.


Checking out other people’s messages and also chatting with them occasionally is one of the benefits of watching a public broadcast on Facebook. But there can be time when one might want to just chat with their friends about that live training of their favorite football team or on a celebrity crush in a private live video.

  • This new feature enables the user to achieve that objective.
  • With the onset of this new feature one can invite their friends to go to a private chat while watching a public broadcast.
  • They can generally have two state that is either they were already watching the public broadcast or can be invited to join the broadcast and then join in their private chat.
  • Also the good part of this feature is they can easily get back to their private chat as well without losing the previous sessions.


Live chat with friends on Facebook

Facebook with live chat option

This new feature will be rolled out for both Android and IOS. This new feature has already been rolled out to Public figures and is now available for all profiles and Pages especially IOS. This new feature allows one to invite their friends or a random viewer to join on the Facebook live video even if they are not on the same place. One can also select guests from the list of Live Viewers and ask them to join.

They also have provided two different modes that is in portrait mode where it will have a picture-in-picture experience and other is the landscape mode where it will be side by side. The feature is yet to be rolled out in Android beta phase.

Releasing Time

Although there has been no actual date announced of its releasing date but this new feature is now in its beta testing phase. This is currently being tested as a mobile-first feature in several countries now and will be released more widely at the end of the summer.


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